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All part of the plan....

Obama (R, 1980's) will offer up a Kennedy/Roberts clone that the Dems will be okay with, and R's would be happy with privately, but will gnash their teeth about publicly, then ultimately vote in. In turn he will get promises from them to pass his TPP during the lame duck session. This will insure Obama (R, 1980's) will have his name carved in the Hall of Heroes of der Fatherland. A real win-win, except for the 99% (i.e. all of us).

There's not much more he would do. He could nominate someone more liberal and shove it down their throats, make them look like the obstructionists assholes they are all the way to the elections, and take out a few. But that's not in "Mr. Bipartisan's" playbook and doesn't serve him, personally to cement his legacy and ticket to the club.
Posted by FighttheFuture | Wed Feb 24, 2016, 04:34 PM (2 replies)
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