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"Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump" (Peter Wehner)


I suppose many Republicans could be like this - that they would not vote for anyone if it came down to Trump vs ?

I think that people underestimate the amount of vitriol that would be directed toward BS if he won the primary. There has not been any real opposition to BS, yet. It does really help Clinton much to oppose him - that mostly works against her.

Hillary has withstood a lot of crap from Republicans. To Republicans, Sanders does not even exist, in any real sense - so they ignore him. They will have to demonize some way if he wins the nomination.

The current poll numbers are based on / include all the crap that has been thrown at Hillary over the years. They do not include what will be thrown at Sanders. Basically - I do not share in the glee of the Sanders group - because we don't know as much about how this could go - as they seem to want to think.
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