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Mr. Scorpio

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Damon Young, 3/23/16

Wendy Bell is a lead anchor for WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh’s ABC affiliate. I’ve never met her in person before, but I know many people who have. And she’s generally regarded as a pleasant, kind, and professional woman.
And, like many otherwise pleasant, kind, and professional White people, Wendy Bell is utterly clueless about race, White privilege, and how her privilege contributes to her tone deaf myopia in regards to race. This was made clear earlier this week, when the anchor took to Facebook to share her thoughts about the massacre in Wilkinsburg.

Now, before I continue, I want to note that what I’m doing today isn’t coming from a place of outrage. I am more exhausted and sobered by this than angry or offended. I do not wish for Bell to be fired. Plus, if possessing White privilege and existing unaware of that possession was just cause for termination, the White unemployment rate would be 394%. America has a unique talent for mass producing Wendy Bells like they were sheet metals or hot dog buns. Instead, I’m just using her words to articulate how virulent (and damn annoying) this particular strain of back-pattingly well-meaning Whiteness can be.

***Also, after receiving criticism for her post, Bell edited it. What exists on her Facebook page now is not what was initially published. This piece, however, will reference the original.***

"Next to “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times,” I remember my mom most often saying to my sister and me when we were young and constantly fighting, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


Puppy and baby pack bonding...

I just stumbled on Politifact...

And I noticed how many of The Donald's statements were outright lies, including a great many Pants On Fire. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/

And to my amazement, this truth deficient carnival barker is way ahead in the GOPer primary.

I can only take from this that right wing Republican voters are people who crave being lied to. Just tell them one RWNJ falsehood after another and they'll eat them right up. It's pure madness.

Ahhh, such is the echo chamber in the Conservative Bubble... Facts are not allowed.

Who are we, really?

Taking it easy...

I still don't understand them...

So anyway, the wife reminded me that her old PC laptop, running Ubuntu, was hosed...

I don't know anything about Ubuntu or PCs, I'm strictly a Mac guy, so, WTF?

Anyhoo, I figured out that the best thing to do was reinstall the OS, because, what the hell else am I going to do? It took me a couple of tries to burn a new start disc, but I eventually got that done and then used it to load the OS. Needless to say, it worked.

The Sony Vaio is up and running again. Yeah, I had to wipe the drive and reload everything from scratch, but now my wife has her old POS PC laptop again.

Ain't I a good husband, or what?

David of Bowie's spirit arose from his own passing and now lives forever in our hearts...

I just got another call from the 516 area code...

Some concerned fellow, in a very thick eastern Indian accent, informed me that he was calling from the "Windows Technical Department" about my computer.

When I informed him that I didn't have a computer (which is fucking hilarious, because there are FIVE net connected devices in my house), he went "Um, sorry," and hung up.

I love those guys... I found the perfect rejection.

A few pics to share with your winger buds who are freaking out over Pres. Obama going to Cuba.

Show them these and tell them to just chill the fuck out:

Yep, that's Putin along with Gorby, meeting St. Ronnie.

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