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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,782

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Happy... Uh, Thanksgiving?

The Show Is UP!


It's Show Day today!


Hamster Rave

Welcome to the 2020 edition of ASK MrScorpio

For the first time in many long years Iím bringing back one of my signature games.

Ask MrScorpio is not a trivia game, itís more like an advice column. So please, no guessing games, because this isnít a challenge to my knowledge about anything.

If you decide to go the quiz show route, I guarantee that youíll be disappointed. Iím not a walking encyclopedia.

Just ask me a question and Iíll do my best to answer it. If you have a problem, Iíll do my best to help out.

Iíve been out all day and Iím about to hit the sack. So please post your questions and I will get to each and every one of them once I wake up and sign back on.

Just to let you know, garbage in, garbage out. My responses will be tailored to your individual questions, all in the spirt of fun. Since this is all in good fun, thatís just the spirit Iím trying to relay.

So, hit me up with whatever you got and Iíll get back to you on the other side.

Letís have some fun. See you later.

Be on the lookout for a special post by me later on.

You donít want to miss it.

Take care.

Fall In, Fellow Vets!

I seriously cannot imagine what it's like to be this stupid...


My latest show!


Four Seasons...

The gang that couldn't shoot straight

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