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Gender: Male
Hometown: MN
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 19,964

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"Why assume conspiracy when incompetence will do?"

Because conspiracy is far more likely to be true in this case.

The accumulation of wealth is a competitive game. The winners are those who play the game best.

They didn't all fail upward, they won because they were good at what they were doing.

The notion that they'd work together -- however temporarily -- to achieve more of what they want takes no stretch of the imagination at all. It fits Occam quite well.

Whereas, the notion that a bunch of incompetents somehow accumulated all the nation's power and wealth takes some serious explaining.

So... Yes to Occam; no to your conclusion.

"I thought something was really really wrong with me..."

The essential premise of christianity is that -- from the time you're born -- burning to death is too good for you.

A just and loving god who would never overreact has already decided that humans deserve to suffer infinitely for finite transgressions (of a seemingly arbitrary nature) because we just suck that much.

BUT...we've got a get out of hell free card so that if we assert the right notions about god and his history with us, we don't have to suffer although we have to remember that we still deserve to!!!!

Indeed, we are supposed to tell god what worthless pieces of shit we are and beg him, on a regular basis, to forgive our worthless selves.

It is the single most vile piece of mental illness ever to arise from the human mind.
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