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Gender: Male
Hometown: MN
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 19,614

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I despise Gandhi on the basis of that quote

Time after time, people fight wars, suffer, make great sacrifices that are never repaid.

They lose loved ones, not to mention arms, legs, eyes, their homes...

Finally the bad guys take a pause and things don't get worse for a little while (but they never get entirely repaired) and then it starts up again and good, innocent people have to suffer some more.

To try and cast that in a good light is completely evil.

It writes off as unimportant the lives lost on every go-round.

The god his people worship is a devil

According to the story, a god who knows everything (including the future) creates creatures that he KNOWS he will not accept as he made them.

So, he decides that the only just course of action is to deny his role in all of this and create a place to torture all of us forever (for being imperfect, the way HE made us).

Then, he arranges to get himself killed (because somehow that helps) and then rises again, wipes out any solid evidence that he exists, and agrees to be nice only to those people who believe THAT story.

If he existed at all, he'd effectively be Satan.
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