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Confessions of a Republican - 1964 Campaign Ad Eerily Relevant to Today's GOP Nomination Race

Learned about this seeing Bill Bogert - the ad's actor - on CNN tonight in an amazing interview.

More info:

Confessions of a Republican: Democrat campaign advert from 1964 is eerily relevant to today's GOP nomination race
Charlie Atkin @charlieatkin18 Thursday 10 March 2016

A US election advert dating back to 1964 has gone viral after bearing uncanny similarities to the current state of America’s Republican Party.

Titled ‘Confessions of a Republican’, an actor, Bill Bogert, can be seen expressing his concerns over election candidate Barry Goldwater, whose conservative views were alienating liberal Republicans.

The most eerie lines sound like they could be lifted straight from the political discussion of today, as Donald Trump becomes ever nearer to being a candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

After declaring himself a lifelong Republican, the actor goes on to say ‘when we come to Senator Goldwater, now it seems to me we're up against a very different kind of a man. This man scares me.’


It's a bad idea to tell another DUer to "piss off" in a post you don't want hidden.

That's often enough reason to Hide for people who discourage incivility here. I'm not sure why you think the Hide voters must have been bernie bros (other than their being a majority, I suppose).

And yes, Hillary did well.
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