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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Obama Derangement Syndrome is Worse Than Ever

I thought once Obama left office we would finally be relieved from ODS but it's worse than ever. The current "administration" and its sycophants can't do or say anything without referencing Obama. Everything is good or bad only in reference to whether Obama did or didn't do something in relation to it. It's so bad that apparently now we have to go to war because Obama did not or would not. Everything he did is the "worst deal ever made" and must be obliterated, destroyed or reversed.

I listen to cspan and hear callers calling for war and "taking them out" in the most casual manner as though there are absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever to "bombing the shit" out of people. The reason we have to do it? Because Obama made us weak with bad deals, going on apology tours, decimating the military, and not bombing the fuck out of people.

Meanwhile the republicans have clearly colluded with America's arch enemy, but so what. It was white guys that did that, and it was necessary to protect us from Obama and Hillary.

Bizzaro world just keeps getting deeper.

Wtf!? Why Is The Media Asking If A Pre-emptive Strike Should Be Made Against North Korea?

What the hell! I mean what the hell!!!!!
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