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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,181

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They Are Manipulating Us Again

Here we go again. Notice how the new meme from everyone right now is that the coming recession will doom Trump from being re-elected. Even Trump is scared about the economy.

That's so that when the recession doesn't happen, it'll be the reason he won again.

They make me sick, the games they play.

Did he really play golf after the El Paso murders

Or is that an unfounded rumor?

Trumps problem is the El Paso shooter is still alive and talking to authorities

I hope he's being questioned by non-political investigators.

A Song for the Democratic Party


I'm starting to feel like George Carlin was right. It's all a charade

to fool us into thinking we have a choice. The "owners" of this country have decided to install trump into office again. And Democrats are helping do it by trying to outdo each other with promises that will be constantly twisted by the media into scaring people. The media is not on our side.

I don't like the idea of relying on the election to remove trump. It feels like it's already fixed.

Talk me down please. I'm in a bad place about it.

Fuck Mark Sanford

Saw his interview on MSNBC. He's claiming he's thinking about challenging trump. He is NOT challenging trump. He refused to say trump is a racist. He's full of shit. It pissed me off watching him waffle on whether trump is a racist.

Fuck him. Another republican piece of shit.

OMG! I'm on a plane a seat away from Pete Buttigieg!

Gave him a high five!

Wingspan Board Game For Bird Lovers


Also for people who aren't necessarily birders. My wife and I enjoy playing this game immensely.


The Obama Era Was About the Best That America Could Be

The Trump Era is about the worst that America can be.

One of The Most Damning Things About the Mueller Report:

The Mueller Report confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia interfered in our elections. Clearly documented.

Even today, Trump, and the republicans, have absolutely no plan to prevent Russia from continuing to interfere in our elections.

Not only has Trump not said a word about stopping it, but he is on record saying he believed the Russians while disavowing American intelligence on the matter.

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