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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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White sauce help needed....

We went to Denny's for dinner a few weeks ago, my country fried steak had a sauce that was super. So, tonight we were at Denny's and I again ordered the country fried steak. I asked "What is the sauce on this steak?" The cook said "it is a simple white sauce." The taste was so completely different I could not believe it. So, my question is ..... What herbs &/or spices do you use in a white sauce? There was no cheese in the sauce and it may have had a slight tinge of green or just wee bits of a green herb? I would really like to recreate this sauce. I've looked all over the cooking sites and none come even close. Some even adding nutmeg...... Yuck!

Juanita Jean.com

Juanita Jean.com is really good this week.
I like the way she thinks......

Threat name.....

Suf.Exploit.CVE_2013 Has anyone seen this on their Mac? The help lines all say it can only mess with windows so don't bother doing anything. Sophos says it's an issue but not a threat. ClamXav has detected it and sent it to the trash. Is that all I need to do? Secure empty trash?
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