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On the rise of a new church...

Thom Hartman had a couple members of the church today... two mostly retired people. They talked about how the Holy Spirit is creating a new church, a very different church, closer to the early church... in the streets. And how values are quickly shifting.

Now I am the least religious person you will find. In fact, having seen a few jewish leaders, and christian leaders and catholics, talk about money and wealth as a value... well that turned my stomach a while ago. If I find a place with values of community, real values of community... but it struck me as interesting. I saw members of multiple faiths at the local Occupy, taking care of each other, so perhaps something IS in the air.

This is just an interesting observation, that i have no clue how to add to my essay, to be honest. It was an angle I didn't even consider, secular that I am...
Posted by nadinbrzezinski | Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:50 AM (4 replies)
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