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Gender: Male
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 39,200

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About trump pardoning himself...

Been reading about this with people who know a lot more about it than I do.

One school of thought is that he can because it's not specifically forbidden. This is a weak argument that ignores both originalist theory and other readings of the Constitution. It would be like a judge hearing a case against himself.

More common is the idea that a pardon is transitive- it must have a donor and a recipient, and donor and recipient cannot be the same person. Nixon thought of pardoning himself, and decided it would be too tricky and dangerous, and so Ford did the dirty job.

Since no President has ever tried it, should this one try it it would immediately hit the courts, and we can only guess how that would end. One fine mess while the courts play with it.

One thing that would not change is that presidential pardons are for federal crimes, so he would have to deal with several states prosecuting him, and who knows whether, say, the Governor of NY could pardon him, or would want to.

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Wed Nov 25, 2020, 03:37 AM (23 replies)

Remember Milana, the AT&T girl? Watch what's she's up to now...

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Tue Nov 24, 2020, 01:41 PM (2 replies)

Death Nut Challenge--13 million Scovilles

This girl is seriously badass:

Irish food is not known for spice, so here's some troopers:

And this guy is more like me:

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sat Nov 21, 2020, 03:46 AM (0 replies)

Listening to CNN, they confirm what I knew but give me a real problem...

Trump is incapable of admitting loss--- this is well known to anyone who observed his past dealings wherein he never "lost" but always had an excuse for being on the losing side.

Erin Burnett's talking to people telling her WH insiders say he won't ever admit he lost the election, but is looking for the way out where he doesn't have to admit Biden won. All of his insiders seem to be telling him to let it go, but he simply will not let it go.

OK, that's psycho Trump, but what I cannot understand is why his party isn't abandoning him. Nixon won re-election with the largest numbers history, and the public was OK with his war and environmental policies. Shit, he was even "That close" to a national health plan.

Any other President with this Wikipedia paragraph would be a hero:

Nixon ended American involvement in the war in Vietnam in 1973, ending the military draft that same year. Nixon's visit to China in 1972 eventually led to diplomatic relations between the two nations, and he initiated détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union the same year. His administration generally transferred power from federal control to state control. He imposed wage and price controls for 90 days, enforced desegregation of Southern schools, established the Environmental Protection Agency, and began the War on Cancer. He also presided over the Apollo 11 moon landing, which signaled the end of the moon race. He was re-elected in one of the largest electoral landslides in American history in 1972 when he defeated George McGovern.

Watergate was small change compared to what our current stench in the White House is doing. When the tapes came out, Senate Republicans told him flat out they supported his impeachment and forced him to quit.

What is different now? I don't believe for a minute that Trump has enough on all of them to force them to do his will. I could be convinced that most of them are low-grade morons that can't find their ways out of a sinking boat, but not one of them has the wit and character to do the right thing? I could also be convinced that Frog Face has some completely in his power, but all of them?

I could see Romney marching over to the Oval Office saying "Here's the way it is..." but only if he led at least small group of Senators. Nope- the Senate Republicans are just a mealy-mouthed group of ignorant ass-kissing cowards.

How did they get this way? They make Goldwater look like a towering giant simply because he had principles. I didn't like his principles all that much, but he had them.

McCain, too.

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Thu Nov 19, 2020, 08:55 PM (8 replies)

SHIT! My town is up to 4% positive, and 5% is a micro cluster. We were doing so well for a while...

Now we're looking at more severe controls.

Up Island in Farmingville there was a party with 200-300 people in attendance, and in Riverhead another one with maybe 300. Both got court dates, and I'm sure there were more out there. And the Friendly's in Riverhead has a whole bunch of staff out with it.

Some people are paranoid to leave their homes and too many others are just assholes. Where's the happy middle so we could just get rid of this thing?

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 11:14 PM (3 replies)

Jarvanka's kids thrown out of school...


Jared and Ivanka's stupid decisions are now negatively affecting their children. Shocker. News broke that they had to pull their kids (aka, were asked to stop sending them) out of their new school, the Melvin Berman Hebrew Academy in recent days. They had JUST transferred to that school a few weeks prior, reportedly on October 19th.


Their initial reasoning for transferring to Hebrew Academy was because there were in-person classes. Obviously they cannot be bothered with protecting their kids at all, hence their choices to not mask up or stay away from large events where others are unmasked, so it is not shocking that not only would they send their kids to in school settings, but that they would also potentially expose the other kids and their families. Because the only people that matter to Ivanka and Jared are Ivanka and Jared.

Numerous parents report that the withdrawal came after parents "raised concerns" about exposure and risk to other kids at the school. The school itself follows CDC guidelines and expects parents to follow the same guidelines off campus.


Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Nov 15, 2020, 02:21 AM (9 replies)

Shit! More tangerine wankmaggot caravans this week. Fuckers just won't give up...

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Thu Nov 12, 2020, 09:04 AM (8 replies)

Remember Stormy Daniels 2nd time on Kimmel?

Putting this in the lounge because he's just a comedy backdrop now.

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Mon Nov 9, 2020, 09:36 PM (0 replies)

Something's been bothering me for a while, probably a lot of you, too...

It's trump's lack of understanding of how things work. Now that trump's going away, we probably don't really care, but the problem is bigger than him.

When he said the Mexicans would pay for the wall, we laughed, Mexico laughed, and contractors laughed all the way the bank.

Then he told us the Chinese were paying all those tariffs. Nobody made a big deal out of how tariffs are like sales taxes-- WE pay the tariffs, not the Chinese. The Chinese were expected to lose sales because of the increased cost of goods, but much of what they sell us has no other source, so the only winner is the US govt finding another tax source. The loser is not China, but US consumers. And this is without dealing with the history of tariffs and when the work, or don't

Then he tells us the problem with rising covid cases is testing. This is pure idiocy-- reducing testing will reduce the number of tested cases, but not the uncounted, untested cases. Reducing testing is basically lying to the pubic and increasing the danger of the epidemic. Those cases we can't see can't hurt us? And, of curse, reducing testing gives us other problems.

My aggravation with this is that while we expect the asshole-in-chief to come up with this nonsense, there was no outrage. Educated people did not stand with one voice and say "You are full of shit."
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Nov 8, 2020, 06:33 AM (32 replies)

The local asshole brigade is organizing another trump parade tomorrow. Another 40 mile caravan...

Should I hang a huge TRUMP LOST IN 2020 flag on my car and join them?
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Nov 8, 2020, 02:24 AM (32 replies)
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