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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 867

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Vote *NO* on Question #3

Earlier this week I posted on another board a link which advised to vote yes on all three questions. However, later this week I found just the opposite advise at two different progressive sites. Their reasons for urging a no vote can be found here:



After reading those articles I decided to vote *NO* on question #3.

Senior Living Facilities

My partner and I [both early 80's] are considering moving to a progressive senior living facility. I'm wondering if anyone here might have first hand experience, i.e. you live in such a facility or know someone who does, and can offer some advice, either pro or con. I've weighed the pros and cons and am inclined to stay where we are, but my partner seems to think we should move, *just in case*. I figure if/when something happens to either one of us, just move on to a nursing home. His reasoning is that we would already be there living independently, and could just move on to the next assisted stage. We've been looking at this same place for the last twenty years, but I was never ready to make the move, and I'm still not. Any advice?

Why are there so many...

OP's whose obvious point is ONLY to denigrate Bernie Sanders? What might the OPer think might follow, other than to support their opinion and add to the negativity? I just don't get it, especially from a site like DU. That's not how to bring the party together, so maybe have second thoughts before posting a similar OP. JMHO.

What does this mean?

I was reading a thread that I thought was rather interesting, came back to it later and found this for many posts: "Name removed Message auto-removed". It was a new poster [she announced that it was a first post, and by the end of the thread she had 15 posts total]. I was agreeing with much of what she was saying, but most here were not and I guess it got kind of *heated*. I'm just wondering if she deleted the posts herself or was it the admins? I thought the exchanges were very civil [at least on her part] and wonder what happened.

Bloomberg: one more reason...

...NOT to support him: https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/new-jersey/2020/02/18/michael-bloomberg-offers-no-apologies-police-spying-muslims/4737302002/?fbclid=IwAR3By7FizuhuVxf5vWdjsfgyY6CKMcFhQQET4gGk0mbkVG0BM93bA6XfndM

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