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Name: Schmengie
Gender: Male
Hometown: Podunk, FL
Home country: USA
Current location: Various.
Member since: Mon Aug 4, 2003, 03:56 PM
Number of posts: 23,752

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What's wrong is that "these people" have finally found cover to come out.

I am pretty sure you and I are of the same generation, maybe only a few years apart, so we both know who “these people” are;

They are the same 30 to 40% of the electorate that would have followed Nixon to the gates of hell.

The same ones that fought tooth and nail to resist the Civil Rights movement in the ‘60’s

The same ones that thought McCarthy was spot on in his endeavors.

The same ones that thought the British should handle their own squabbles in Europe

The same ones that thought John Thomas Scopes should have been burned at the stake.

The same ones that thought the participants in the UAW Sit Down Strike should have been shot.

The same ones that thought the Suffragettes needed to be jailed.

Who are these people?

The same ones that that thought King George III was getting a bad rap and that those assholes in Philadelphia needed to keep it down.

The ones that think that no one should be allowed to stand in their way, regardless of who it is they are following, as long as that person hates the same people they do.

You know who these people are.

The same ones that have been standing in the way of human progress since time immemorial and think they are right, no matter the time or place.

They are the ones we have been disagreeing with our entire lives.

They are the ones that WE keep dragging, kicking and screaming, into the future.

Just imagine if we didn’t have to drag them anymore.
Posted by A HERETIC I AM | Sun Oct 13, 2019, 09:17 PM (2 replies)
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