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Gender: Male
Hometown: Maryland
Member since: Sun Aug 17, 2003, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 78,005

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You know what's going to happen if those poor suckers Trump left in the field succeed

...it means the death of countless numbers of us, impoverishment of others, rights eviscerated, humanity stripped away from millions.

They've already turned their backs on America, content with letting thousands die, indifferent to determined about spreading their covid-infected selves around without masking or distancing. They're an absolute danger to society and they need locking up.

I despise what they represent, I abhor what they'll do to the country if they get their way. That's not political hyperbole, it's absolute desperation, because after we vote, if we fail, we're on our own. Every American against the cult; against these very same suckers in the field.

For the sake of my family, for the nation, I can't give a fuck about them right now. Not until they'll either agree to keep their spittle to themselves, or they're forced. Tonight they can find their own way home. It is what it is, and I don't care.

Joe Biden is excellent at delivering his message

...more than just simple 'messaging,' Joe delivers lines that have impact, give relevance to his position, and define the opposition.

As disjointed as the first debate was with Trump's interruptions, and in last night's where Trump tried several times to divert Joe to his scandal mongering, Joe managed to get in a dozen or so solid hits on Trump which are being repeated this morning on broadcast and cable news.

It really wasn't clear to me during the debate that his points would resonate through the din, but lo and behold, after each debate, Joe's remarks carried the coverage, cogent and substantive, providing a solid counter to Trump's rambling campaign prattle.


The MVP of the Biden campaign so far

IUOE AFL-CIONewDemocrat4ever @reesetheone1
The MVP of the Biden campaign so far..... (Marc Elias)






Check out @DemocracyDocket and join the fight!

'In constant fear of Western descent into fascism,' until....


I know this is crazy

...but I just got really sad for the nation right now when I thought of Trump dying from this.

It's not that I think the nation wouldn't emerge stronger, perhaps because of that end, but because this has never been about the man, to me, its about my hope that the nation would be secure, safe, and prosperous right now. We've always been greater than the man in that office, never more than today, and we deserve a country that reflects our care and empathy as much as it deserves our vigilance and our fight for what we need and believe in.

It didn't have to come to this point for Trump, and it certainly didn't need to come to this for the nation which is still hunkering down against the threat of infection, even as we bury our own victims and care for others struck down.

You want to make a difference in this world, in your community, and it just jars you that there's such a vacuum of leadership in the country. We're just being blown around without a rudder or a paddle, and some of the shipmates are deliberately stomping holes in the floor of the boat to spite others who say they're drowning.

I remember again as I write this that the sea is still raging over the bow, washing over me, and I'm just drenched.
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