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Gender: Female
Hometown: Honolulu
Home country: ka pae aina Hawai'i
Current location: Honolulu
Member since: Sun Aug 24, 2003, 12:51 AM
Number of posts: 16,753

Journal Archives

Who's listening to Dan Pfeiffer's audiobook (or reading) Un-Trumping America:

A Plan to Make America A Democracy Again?

Pod Save America listeners will recognize Dan Pfeiffer as one of the crooked media squad.

He served during Barrack Obamaís first presidential campaign through 6 years in the Oval Office, traveling with the President, as deputy communication head and the top communication aide, often refining and chiming in at critical points. He encouraged Barrack in his instinct to stay on message against the RW and donor /pac pressures.

A phenomenal look back into what we all just went through from the nerve center, and a comprehensive overview into the massive changes that our organizing systems have not caught up with at all.

Also what must be done!

Some things I learned: people who run communications for campaigns usually get a cut of the TV ad buy, so *thatís* why we keep getting solicited for money to run TV commercials when they clearly are not going to reach the majority of 18-35 year old demo that we know we must win.
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