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andym's Journal
andym's Journal
July 17, 2019

Democrats should run on "National unity and good [better] jobs"

From an opinion piece in the NY Times by Thomas Friedman
(Ignore the tabloid title and look for the key ideas inside)

I think the following is a winning message for a general election and a very good summary of how Democrats can craft a strong economic message that appeals to everyone but Republicans who hate the government:

"That doesn’t mean a Democratic candidate should stand for nothing, just keep it simple: Focus on building national unity and good jobs. I say national unity because many Americans are terrified and troubled by how bitterly divided, and therefore paralyzed, the country has become. There is an opening for a unifier.

And I say good jobs because when the wealth of the top 1 percent equals that of the bottom 90 percent, we do have to redivide the pie. I favor raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans to subsidize universal pre-K education and to reduce the burden of student loans. Let’s give kids a head start and college grads a fresh start.

[But] The winning message is to double down on redividing the pie in ways that give everyone an opportunity for a slice while also growing the pie sustainably. Democrats should focus on how we create sustainable wealth and good jobs, which is the American public-private partnership model: Government enriches the soil and entrepreneurs grow the companies.

It has always been what’s made us rich, and we’ve drifted away from it: investing in quality education and basic scientific research; promulgating the right laws and regulations to incentivize risk-taking and prevent recklessness and monopolies that can cripple free markets; encouraging legal immigration of both high-energy and high-I.Q. foreigners; and building the world’s best enabling infrastructure — ports, roads, bandwidth and basic social safety nets."

July 16, 2019

The "Corrupter": the most descriptive way to refer to Trump

He corrupts the morals and ideals of America by his rhetoric for political expediency. He moral bankruptcy exacerbates political divisions between the Right and Left. The love or leave it rhetoric gone racist is just the latest example. He has corrupted the Republican party something I never thought possible given their history of dog whistles and cynicism.

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