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Member since: Wed Nov 26, 2003, 04:24 PM
Number of posts: 40,878

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Synchronicity! I was just looking at some on Amazon.

Clicked on them because I liked the name, but they were getting mixed reviews. Might try some now. Thank you.

Since he's such a big fan of the song, may I suggest....

I love the design of that fountain!

Woohoo! Jeans AND Covid. The land of the free, baby.

Oh gosh, you're right.

Every covid story I read that involves kids I think, "They can't get vaccinated! Why aren't you being more careful?", thinking that they just need to hang in there until the vaccine is approved for kids. But of course the same people who are now claiming medical and religious exemptions for their children to not wear masks to school will not voluntarily get their kids vaccinated and will use the same bulls**t exemptions if vaccines are mandated.

I just can't even.

No worries, a couple bottles of colloidal silver will clear that right up.

How come billions of people all over the world can breathe just fine

with a mask on, but none of these maskholes can figure it out?

The 1970s was when I went through my tweens and teens

and you can still hear so much of that music on radio stations that play classic rock. Blew my mind one day when I realized that the gap between now and the 70s was decades more than the gap between the 70s and music that I always thought of as 'oldies'--rock and pop of the 50s and early 60s.

Since that revelation I've tried to figure out why the 50s felt so distant when they really weren't. Partly because they happened before I was born, of course. And I think partly because my parents weren't very interested in popular culture. They would have been in their late teens and early 20s during WWII, but they never talked about the war, big band music, movies or radio shows of the era, and they certainly didn't follow the development of rock in the 50s. I also think the shift from black and white to color in movies and television has a lot to do with it. You see black and white news footage or a TV show from back then and it feels like it's from a distant era. You see color video and even though they might be wearing odd clothes or hairstyles, it still feels more contemporary.

Pretty sure the blood of Jesus is also not approved by the FDA as a treatment for Covid.

Why does that sound familiar? Oh, right....

This time commitment and regular exposure to Nazi ideology weakened the influence of parents, teachers, religious figures, and other voices of authority. In fact, the Hitler Youth and League of German Girls even encouraged members to report to their leaders about what was happening in their schools, churches, and families.

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