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tanyev's Journal
tanyev's Journal
February 7, 2022

He kept them so he could read them over and over again.

Or get Ivanka to read them to him.

February 6, 2022


February 1, 2022

Republican enthusiasm for fascism is the only reason Trump is such a threat.

They could have shut him down at any time. They should have laughed him off the stage in the 2016 primary. But they have enthusiastically supported him every step of the way. Trump may be the current poster child of authoritarianism in the U.S., but it took a large production team to create the movement.

January 15, 2022

I don't think he could do any of it without a team of more competent sycophants.

What I don’t understand is why there are so many willing to carry out nefarious schemes to help him. I suspect many of them recognize what a blithering idiot he is and feign loyalty in the hopes of manipulating him to achieve their own objectives.

December 22, 2021

Yep, he's the one who described his honeymoon as "service as a husband."

I’m guessing he got a dishonorable discharge.

December 15, 2021

Marking to find later....

December 6, 2021

It's no surprise they did such a piss-poor job of protecting the country from Covd;

these clowns couldn't (or wouldn't) even protect themselves. Even in the early days when PPE and testing was in very short supply, this band of morons had access to all the PPE and testing necessary to keep themselves safe, but they still couldn't manage it. Trump not only endangered the country with his dereliction of duties as President of the United States, but he personally endangered a lot of people with his delusional narcissism.

November 25, 2021

Marcus Lamb, 64, Dallas, TX, Televangelist, anti-vaxxer and anti-vaxx promoter, ICU with COVID.

Marcus Lamb, 64, Dallas, TX, Televangelist, anti-vaxxer and anti-vaxx promoter, ICU with COVID.

According to social media posts (below), Marcus is in the ICU with COVID. This is significant because Marcus is responsible for promoting and spreading more anti-vaxx and pro-alternative treatment disinformation to more people than anyone on sorry-anti-vaxxer so far. In fact, he's claimed that he and his wife Joni have been taking Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and vitamins and minerals as a preventative. Apparently that didn't work out for him. Marcus and Joni own Daystar Television Network the second largest Christian Network in the World behind CBN. Throughout the pandemic, they have been hosting and promoting the most notorious anti-vaxxers in the world, many of whom are members of the despicable American Frontline Doctors which is being investigated by Congress for fraudulent practices and spreading misinformation. Marcus and Joni's guests on Daystar have been the likes of RFK, jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (she told lawmakers that vaccines magnetize people), Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Simone Gold (founder of AFLD, and arrested during the Jan 6 attack on the Capital), Del Bigtree (CEO of antivaxx network), Dr. Rashid Buttar (who has claimed all vaccinated would be dead by 2025). You can see all of these performances at https://vaccines.daystar.com or you can stick with me here and I'll show you the one that is the most revealing and infuriating.

Rather than post some quotes or screenshots of tweets, I think the best thing to do is to see Marcus and Joni in action hosting Dr. Ryan Cole, the owner of Cole Diagnostics, a company which conveniently enough offers COVID testing. He's a fountain of disinformation, and obviously and intentionally misrepresenting statistics. The following interview is a scripted tsunami of disinformation pretending to be an interview. They touch on every single anti-vaxx argument we've seen on this site over the past four months. Why Doctors like Ryan Cole haven't been stripped of their medical licenses over this kind of performance is a testament that something has to change. These Christian grifters and these MD quacks are causing countless amounts of suffering and death.

First, he's introduced as having 350,000 "patients" and later he says he has had 100,000 covid patients. He didn't have patients, his lab Cole Diagnostics was conducting lab tests. Before COVID, these tests were run for other doctors and clinics, so they weren't his patients as he claims. During the pandemic, they did blood tests for people coming in to several partner clinics to test for COVID. Again it's a stretch to call these people HIS patients. This is the first sign that he's pulling the wool over the audiences eyes. It's also possible that as part of the AFLD Telemedicine group he may have prescribed 100,000 people with Ivermectin at $90 a pop. They never mention that expense only that ivermectin is $4 a box.


Much more at sorryantivaxxer.com

November 16, 2021

Donny must have mixed feelings about this.

Whatever feelings he's capable of, anyway. They're his very special people and he loves them and all, but they're getting very obsessed with someone who is NOT. HIM.

That's one of the weirdest things about this delusion to me. Set aside all reality for a moment and pretend that JFK Jr did somehow fake his death and did, for some inexplicable reason, stay hidden for 21 years. If he decided to emerge now, why the hell would he need Donald Trump? His story would suck up all the news oxygen for a very long time. If he wanted to run for any political office, he wouldn't need a giant albatrump hanging around his neck. Everybody would completely ignore Trump, which to him is a fate worse than death.

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