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Member since: Wed Nov 26, 2003, 04:24 PM
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Soon to be joined by the Bisque separatists.

That's a great resource.

He kept them so he could read them over and over again.

Or get Ivanka to read them to him.


Republican enthusiasm for fascism is the only reason Trump is such a threat.

They could have shut him down at any time. They should have laughed him off the stage in the 2016 primary. But they have enthusiastically supported him every step of the way. Trump may be the current poster child of authoritarianism in the U.S., but it took a large production team to create the movement.

Ha! Our state leadership in Texas beat them to it!


I don't think he could do any of it without a team of more competent sycophants.

What I donít understand is why there are so many willing to carry out nefarious schemes to help him. I suspect many of them recognize what a blithering idiot he is and feign loyalty in the hopes of manipulating him to achieve their own objectives.
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