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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
Number of posts: 21,596

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Pro-China Kiribati president loses majority over switch from Taiwan

China’s diplomatic ambitions in the Pacific suffered a setback on Wednesday when the party that switched recognition from Taiwan to China last year lost its majority in parliament over its handling of the move.

In the second round of parliamentary elections, the governing party and allies won 22 seats out of 45, dealing a blow to President Taneti Maamau, who previously enjoyed a comfortable majority of 31.

The rest of the seats were won by members or allies of two other parties: one of which has pledged to switch back to Taiwan, and another made up of MPs who left the governing party to create a new opposition party last fall over Maamau’s handling of the switch.


Kiribati is thought to be of interest partly due to its location – some islands are just 700 km from US military installations – and also due to Christmas Island, the world’s biggest atoll with a land mass of nearly 400 sq km. It lies just 2,150 km from Honolulu, home of the US Pacific Command and is far to the east of existing port facilities available to the Chinese navy.


Top 9 Reasons for People Who Didn't Support Biden to vote Biden

****I am one of those people who really did not support Biden in the Primaries. I have (among my circle) found that one or more of these 9 do bring them around (or very close). Bringing up Russia and Putin does not sway them. The situation in the Ukraine has zero effect. I want them to definitely vote and insulting them does not help the situation. They are attainable. Why throw that chance away? I have found engaging people to be far more effective.***

9. Trump is leaving us with almost no friends -- unless they're despotic, authoritarian, obnoxious dictators. The guy in the PDK, the lunatic in Brazil, his administrations support of the Afd in Germany. He has chosen fights with our allies in the EU, with trading partners, like Canada and key strategic partners like Japan and South Korea. They abandoned the Kurds.

8. Watching Sean Hannity in total melt down. It would be like Christmas morning. But, instead of unwrapping presents under the tree, you could turn on faux spews and watch Hannity sputter and whine and cry. Make me believe in Santa again.

7. The Chaos. This maladministration thrives on creating chaos. In their defense, it's the only way they have to keep people from looking at their criminal behavior. Just in the last week alone he has hawked three game changing cures for Covid without any regard for the dangers they present.

6. The Environment. Do you really believe that Biden would open up National Parks to oil and mineral companies?

5. The Cronyism. Has there ever been any administration that has shamelessly gorged at the public trough? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that a 30th cousin 11 times removed was getting perks from the government.

4. He has done things that undermine the chain of command in the U.S. military. The pardons he granted to those two completely undermines military justice and the authority of the commanders.

3. The Incompetence. Along with chaos, this administration is incompetent. Trump lies because that's all he has. The Covid-19 would be incredibly difficult for any administration, no matter who was president. But, this administration makes situations worse because it cannot admit it isn't perfectly capable of everything and it throws out quick fixes. Take the anti-malarial drug. Deprive people with lupus of their necessary medication. Now it's heat lamps and injecting Clorox.

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Bret Kavanaugh. RBG will not live forever and she likely will not survive another four years. Do you really want 30 years of a Kavanaugh clone or Alito clone on the bench? I would also point out that Breyer and Thomas are not youngsters either. There could be three openings on the bench in the next four years. Losing two to the evil clownishness of Trump and a shot at filling Thomas' seat is insanity.

1.Trump's behavior after impeachment. After the senate failed to convict him, Trump went off the rails. What do you honestly think he is going to be like should he get re-elected? There is no, nada, zip realistic scenario where Trump acts even remotely presidential and with even a smidgen of humility. None!

Don't vote for Biden. Vote against trump by choosing the person best positioned to beat him. If that turns out to be the nominee of the Communist Peace Love Chainsaw Juggling and Stalin Party, vote for him or her. But reality says the only person that has a shot is the nominee of the other major political party. Go all out to get a new political party elected president 4 years from now.

As my late mother would say, "This hill isn't worth dying on."

Supergenius. The animal equivalent of Donald J Trump

Wile E Coyote Super Genius
He sounds like trump and is as successful

Coyote trump
Bugs Nancy

April 19 is Orthodox Easter. How are the churches handled Covid-19? Depends on where you are

If you live in the Ukraine, the disagreement between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches are minimal (compared to other places)
The Russian Orthodox Church has banned people from attending services, urging them to watch at home. Metropolitan Onufriy did say worshipers could come, stand outside the church and pray, provided they keep proper distance apart. The Ukrainian Orthodox Archbishop Yevstratiy criticized the decision, stating that it was every Christians duty to protect one another and stay home.
This dispute is fairly minor

In Russia, it's been a bigger mixed bag. In St. Petersburg churches have been closed since Mar 26.
The Moscow Patriarchate criticized the decision because it infringed on religious freedom. Yet, 3 days later (and after the government aka Putin changed their tact on the virus) Patriarch Kirill publicly urge believers to "strictly obey the regulations imposed by the health authorities" and "refrain from church visits."

However, Archbishop Pitirim of Syktyvkar and Komi, urged the Orthodox community to legally challenge orders to close churches. He has invited "volunteers" to come to services in the city of Syktyvkar.
According to the Archbishop, "Faith helps develop an immunity that protects."
Guy sounds like a few religious in the U.S. I wonder if he's washed in the blood of Christ?

In Greece the churches are closed. The Saturday vigil was watched on-line. Though some stood outside St. Demetrios Church in Thessaloniki with lit candles.

In Bulgaria the churches have stayed open. Patriarch Neophyte, led Midnight Mass. Though other Easter services will be held on TV only.

In Georgia, you must arrive before 9 pm and cannot leave until after 6 am -- the curfew. Churches have been set up to enforce social distancing. Police forces are patrolling the churches checking.
Be curious how many show up for that.

In Cyprus, Turkey and Romania everything is closed -- including the churches. Though in Balcoi, Romania, the priests and volunteers did go and distribute the Holy Fire under the eye of local police officers who were instructed to break up this activity if social distancing rules were not obeyed

Yes, it isn't just in America that some people will not listen. Euronews has a picture from Bulgaria of people outside a church and one of them brought their son with them

All of this information was gathered from Euronews and REFRL

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

1. Afghans Among Unaccompanied Children Evacuated From Greek Refugee Camps To Germany

A group of 47 unaccompanied children evacuated from refugee camps in Greece arrived in Germany on April 18, German officials said.

The children come from Afghanistan, Syria, and Eritrea. Four are girls and there are several siblings among the group. Some of them have families waiting for them in Germany.

They were previously housed at refugee camps on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Samos, and Chios that have been criticized by rights activists as unsuitable for children.

Germany's Interior Ministry said the children arrived in Hanover, Germany early on April 18 on a flight from Athens.


2. Queen’s birthday will not be marked by gun salutes ‘for first time’ due to coronavirus pandemic

The Queen’s birthday will not be marked with a traditional gun salute due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday 21 April, Queen Elizabeth II will turn 94 years old.

It is customary for the monarch’s birthday to be commemorated with a royal gun salute.

However this year, given the impact the Covid-19 outbreak is having across the globe, the monarch is said to have decided against the tradition.


3. Depiction Of Roma As Crows Exposes Deeper Racism Within Romania

BUCHAREST -- One of Romania’s best-known intellectuals' involvement in a controversy over a racist depiction of Roma is seen as symbolic of a larger problem with racism in the country.

Vladimir Tismaneanu, an acclaimed Eastern European scholar at the University of Maryland, posted a meme late on April 10 in which Roma were compared to crows, a widely used, derogatory expression in Romanian for Roma and Africans.

A Facebook post by Romanian-American Tismaneanu and the reactions to it exposed the prevalence of anti-Romany racism in Romania and the prejudice faced by the minority, of which an estimated 600,000 to 1 million live in Romania.

Tismaneanu called a photo of a group of crows sitting on a fence with an inference to them being Roma "very cool." He later deleted the post, saying he didn't understand the racist connotations because he doesn't "live in Romania," from where he defected in 1981.


4. Lyra Mckee: Police appeal for more information one year after murder

Police in Northern Ireland on Friday renewed their appeal for information into the death of Lyra McKee, one year after the journalist was murdered.

McKee, 29, was shot dead while observing rioting in the Creggan estate, Londonderry on April 18, 2019.

The New IRA paramilitary group has admitted it was responsible for the killing and police have charged one man, 52-year-old Paul McIntyre, with the murder.

Police, who do not believe that the murder involved just one person, are renewing their appeal for information, asking residents in Creggan to provide them with mobile phone footage and photographs of the night and tips to recover the gun that killed McKee.


5. Greece to use drones to stop crowds gathering for Orthodox Easter

Greek authorities will deploy drones, monitor churches and ramp up street patrols as they prepare the nation for a very different Orthodox Easter in the age of Covid-19.

The spectre of worshippers defying strict bans on movement to mark the most sacred holiday of the year has posed an unprecedented challenge for officials.

“This Easter is different. We will not go to our villages. We will not roast in our yards. We will not go to our churches. And, of course, we will not gather in the homes of relatives and friends,” the government spokesman Stelios Petsas said. “For us to continue being together, this year we stay apart.”


7 Midwest governors form bi-partisan partnership to coordinate post-COVID-19 economy. Iowa's governo

7 Midwest governors form bi-partisan partnership to coordinate post-COVID-19 economy. Iowa's governor chose not to participate.

Seven Midwest Governors — Illinois’ JB Pritzker, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, Ohio’s Mike DeWine, Wisconsin’s Tony Evers, Minnesota’s Tim Walz, Indiana’s Eric Holcomb and Kentucky’s Andy Beshear — announced Thursday they will work in close coordination to reopen the economy in the Midwest region. Eastern and Western states’ governors have also met to coordinate their states’ economies reopening.

“Our Number One priority when analyzing when best to reopen our economy is the health and safety of our citizens,” the governors’ statement read. “We will make decisions based on facts, science and recommendations from experts in health care, business, labor and education.

“We will closely examine at least these four factors when determining when best to reopen our economy: sustained control of the rate of new infections and hospitalizations; enhanced ability to test and trace; sufficient health care capacity to handle resurgence; and best practices for social distancing in the workplace.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds will not be part of the partnership.


Coronavirus: Trump friend Stanley I Chera, who president revealed was in a coma, has died

Stanley I Chera’s death on Saturday was reported by The Real Deal, which covers the New York real estate industry. The Associated Press confirmed Chera’s identity and ties to the president with the White House.

Mr Trump first spoke about his friend, who had donated to his campaign, on 29 March.

He said: “I had a friend who went to a hospital the other day. He’s a little older, and he’s heavy, but he’s tough person. And he went to the hospital, and a day later, he’s in a coma ... he’s not doing well.

“The speed and the viciousness, especially if it gets the right person, it’s horrible. It’s really horrible.”


'Horrified at my own actions': Man apologizes for spitting on Vancouver condo's elevator buttons

A man is apologizing after facing backlash over a video of him appearing to spit on a condo elevator in Vancouver's Olympic Village neighbourhood.

The video, posted to Twitter, shows the man appearing to spit on the floor buttons' control panel as he leaves the elevator.

"I am horrified at my own actions which are reprehensible and inexcusable," said the unidentified man, in a press release from his lawyer Richard Fowler.

"The incident occurred as a result of a momentary fit of anger resulting from an ongoing dispute with the strata council in the building where I own a unit,'' he said in the statement.


He seems nice and stable.

Chef Pete Evans criticised for trying to sell $15,000 light device to fight coronavirus

Peak medical groups have criticised the Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans for suggesting that a $15,000 “subtle energy platform” could be used to treat coronavirus, saying such claims are baseless, ill-informed and dangerous.

Evans, a television host and paleo diet enthusiast who has previously promoted anti-vaccination ideas, was selling the BioCharger NG Subtle Energy Platform – dismissed by the Australian Medical Association as a “fancy light machine” – for $14,990 on his website.


“Four transmitted energies stimulate and invigorate the entire body to optimise and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance,” the ad says.


He said the machine had “a thousand different recipes and a couple on there for Wuhan coronavirus”.

Grifter trying to fleece


Aleksandr Dadaev Is Known As The Turkmen President's 'Wallet.' His Next Title Might Be 'Inmate.'

After 12 years as one of the most trusted aides of Turkmenistan's mercurial president, speculation is rife as to why Aleksandr Dadaev suddenly left his influential post in Ashgabat.

Dadaev, who headed the powerful Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, was an obvious favorite and trusted financial associate of Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, to the point of being referred to as the Turkmen president's "wallet."


A sudden retirement in Turkmenistan by a top official often precedes news that the official has been arrested and charged with serious crimes.


According to a 2018 report from Hronika Turkmenistana, a website operated by Turkmen activists in exile, Dadaev received an enormous loan from the Central Bank in 2007, more than $10 million, at an amazing rate of 5 percent interest with a two-year grace period to expand his Gush Toplumy poultry farm.

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