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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 07:21 AM
Number of posts: 7,353

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94-1. We're all glaring at you, Hawley.

Hawley was the lone vote against the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill.

Does anyone here live in/near Bridgewater?

Our daughter and son-in-law live in Harrisonburg and are looking to buy a house. They're looking at a home in Bridgewater tomorrow. I'm wondering about farm smells. I know there are lots of poultry farms and I think a pet food plant in the area.

Any info? Thanks

ANTIBODIES! Science is wonderful!

I donated blood on 3/4 after my first Moderna vaccine on 2/8 and yippee! ANTIBODIES!

Sorry the images are so large - I tried to make them smaller.

Canned dog food advice?

We have two small dogs. I usually make our dogsí food but realized during food shortages last year that finding ingredients could be challenging. Food is now back on the shelves, but we just had an ice storm with a power outage at home and all the dog food (that I just made and froze last week!) may be spoiled. We wonít know until we return back home in a few hours.

Iíd like recommendations for a good canned dog food. I had previously used Merrick years ago.

Thanks in advance!

Man, the "Q" usage today is amusing me!

GQP and "Qrazy" are two of my favorites.

Any other good ones you've seen?

Okay, am I dumb? I thought he was supposed to be inaugurated at 12 noon?

Although it couldn't be soon enough.

Can any suggest American TV shows that I can watch which are

dubbed in Spanish? Not just subtitles, but dubbed. I'm trying every way possible to improve my Spanish.

I was hoping my "The Office" dvds were dubbed, but there are only subtitles


Who can I talk to who can explain what my father did/went through during the last two

days of his life last weekend?

My brother and I tended to our father as he died and I wanted to find some answers regarding what we saw and heard, and his behaviors over those last two days. I'm going to reach out to the hospice social worker, but who else might be able to explain it to me?


UPDATE: My 93-year-old father is very close to death from congestive heart failure.

Thank you to this virtual family/friend group. My father died this morning. He was under hospice care at my brotherís home and died at home as he wanted to. We had access to medication and professional advice to help him with anxiety, pain, and other issues.

Thank you so much.

Original post:

Iím here with him and my brother. Itís been a horrible few days for him. Please send prayers and good vibes for a peaceful passage.

This has been so hard to witness.

Didn't the Senate Republicans block election security bills?

If only they could have done something before this election to make themselves feel better about election security.
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