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Proud Liberal Dem

Profile Information

Name: Mara
Gender: Female
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Member since: Sat Feb 28, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 18,930

About Me

Transgender (MTF) Social Worker/Case Manager working for State of Indiana. Huge Sci-Fi/Anime Geek and music lover. Hopeless \"political junkie\" and aspiring writer.

Journal Archives


Economy: What has the GOP House produced in terms of legislation to help create jobs and how many anti-abortion, Planned Parenthood defunding, and ACA repeal bills have they instead passed since 2011? How many votes on American Jobs Act did Senate Republicans NOT filibuster? What have THEY proposed to help create jobs?

Medicare: Do elderly people (and people growing up) want a voucher to buy private insurance policies that will provide coverage at exorbitant prices or do they want to keep the current Medicare system as it is (with a few tweaks here and there to help keep it solvent)?

Taxes: Do middle-class people want to lose tax deductions that they enjoy so that the wealthy and uber-wealthy can have a few more tax cuts?

Seems like "issues" are a problem for Republicans too.

Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Wed Aug 22, 2012, 12:44 PM (0 replies)

Did mean President Obama make you vote for nasty defense cuts

poor widdle baby!

So, I guess Ryan is admitting that President Obama is too strong for him and the rest of the Republican caucus (most of whom also voted for the deal) to handle? Did Boehner get 98% of what he wanted or not? I'm confused.

Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Wed Aug 22, 2012, 11:37 AM (0 replies)


He'll land on his loafers and his wife and family are set for life-several times over. I think that we should worry more about what the rest of us should do if Romney/Ryan WIN and, even worse, if the Republicans take Congress. Remember, they've already mapped out a tentative strategy for "tax reform" and dismantling ACA should they win

Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Wed Aug 22, 2012, 11:09 AM (1 replies)

They're endlessly trying to squeeze blood from a turnip

If people's wages don't go up and stagnate and cost of everyday essentials just keep going up, then WTF are people supposed to do to pay these huge credit card payments that hardly make a dent in the balance due to the incredibly high interest rates?
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Tue Aug 21, 2012, 10:41 PM (1 replies)

The debates will be the perfect place to do that as well

Obama to Romney and Biden to Ryan. They really need to stomp on that welfare lie too! That's been repeatedly debunked but the Romney/Ryan campaign is STILL using it. I don't know what kind of "effect" it's having on polling so far (hopefully little to none) but it has been ridiculous that they've been seemingly getting away with continuing to lie about it so shamelessly and the media hasn't bothered to call up a single welfare office or a Governor AFAIK to nail down whether or not this is actually going on- that people are no longer working to receive TANF. It took me all of five seconds to text my wife, who works at a welfare office here in Indiana to find out that people aren't just being given money for nothing. In fact, my wife said that the rules have even gotten TIGHTER for receiving TANF! Yet, there will undoubtedly be a lot of ignorant, naive, or downright stupid people who believe that welfare recipients are being given benefits without strings attached and that they're just a bunch of crackheads smoking away government monies. *Arrggh!!!!*

Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Tue Aug 21, 2012, 04:50 PM (0 replies)

Are there any GOOD polls/news today?

Seems like it's all bad news today for Democrats/President Obama (re: Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts Senate). I'll try to avoid high ledges and sharp objects and remind myself that it's still August and that we haven't had our convention yet nor the debates but, man, it doesn't look good at the moment. Listening to a Diane Rehm segment show interview segment about voter fraud, Election 2000, and new voter ID laws didn't help much either. The only silver lining (if you want to call it that) is that "establishment" Republicans are having a meltdown over Akin's candidacy and apparent determination to stay in his race.

Edited to add: Oh yeah, and more talk about war with Iran (Ryan adviser suggests vote to authorize war with Iran).
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Tue Aug 21, 2012, 04:09 PM (15 replies)

Any news outlets

bothering to go to a welfare office somewhere in the country or interviewing a few governors to find out if Obama actually "gutted" Welfare Reform and welfare recipients are now receiving checks without having to work now? My wife works at the welfare office here in Indiana and has heard NOTHING about any such change.
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Tue Aug 21, 2012, 09:41 AM (1 replies)

Nasty article (from what I skimmed over)

This is clearly just a trash piece with no apparent sense of objectivity about Barack Obama's Presidency to date nor willingness to place responsibility on other factors beyond President Obama's control- i.e. global economic problems, "job creators" not really creating jobs (even after President Obama reluctantly agreeing to a two-year extension of Bush's 2001 & 2003 tax cuts in order to get additional unemployment), the totally unnecessary and destructive "debt ceiling debacle" initiated by House Republicans 2011, as well as their failure to pass spending bills in a timely manner and attempts to shut down the government, GOP obstructionism, particularly in the Senate, making Congress- the necessary mechanism in passing legislation to potentially solve our problems and ensuring that government agencies have the necessary personnel to function- almost as useful as a paperweight (though a paperweight is what it is- Congress has more power and responsibility). I refuse to trust any analysis that does not take these kinds of things into account and assign appropriate responsibility. We can look back over the last 3-4 years and maybe find a few things that President Obama might have done different/better that might have potentially changed things for the better but until/unless he really has willing partners to work with in Congress- Democrats AND Republicans- I'm willing to cut him a little slack. He has done some impressive things with little or no cooperation from the opposition and there is no doubt in my mind that, whatever his shortcomings/flaws might be, I want HIM- not Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan- calling the shots from the big seat in the Oval Office for the next 4 years!
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Mon Aug 20, 2012, 09:08 AM (0 replies)

Whatever Republicans want Democrats to do

We need to make it our bedrock policy to NEVER do! They are NOT our friends and don't have our party's best interests at heart!
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Sun Aug 19, 2012, 07:03 PM (0 replies)


9-11 years (depending on which tax cuts you're talking about) should be enough for them to kick in and give corporations the necessary "confidence" to start creating jobs like crazy, right?
Posted by Proud Liberal Dem | Sat Aug 18, 2012, 03:24 PM (0 replies)
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