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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
August 31, 2017

Depends on the makeup of Congress after the next two Congressional elections

I certainly wouldn't hold it against her if she can't get done in 2021. Getting her or another Medicare-for-all supporter elected President will mean squat for actual passage if he/she doesn't have a majority Democratic House and filibuster-proof Democratic Senate to get it through- and that's ASSUMING that there won't be a few reluctant Democrats to contend with. Let's just make sure we all keep voting for progressive candidates in every election at every level and it might just happen but please, for crying out loud, let's not abandon her if she doesn't get it done immediately, especially if she doesn't have the numbers in Congress if and when she gets elected President.

August 29, 2017

Not surprising

CPCs are "good" at one thing and one thing only: Keeping (some) women away from making informed decisions about their unplanned pregnancies. Their Republican benefactors- despite their apparent desire to see children born instead of aborted- are not only preventing poor and young pregnant from getting good counseling and care through Planned Parenthood are also seeing to it that the financial and material supports that they might need in order to safely and appropriately care for the children once they actually have their babies are slowly eviscerated.

August 25, 2017

More senseless stupid gender policing

I get why schools have some basic dress codes but I don't get why they also get to prescribe hair length depending on gender? The school is wasting this young child's ability to get an education and his parent's ability to earn a living. This silliness needs to stop. His long hair isn't going to hurt anybody.

August 16, 2017

More so Trump's followers

But they're still cowards. Standing up to Nazis and White Supremacists shouldnt be that hard? Except that the Republicans utilize racism to win elections, esp in the South, so it's sort of their meal ticket, politically speaking

August 14, 2017

With the shortage of episodes remaining

they have to compress time to move the characters around to where they need to go. They just have to. I get that some of it doesn't make a lot of sense but OTOH it's sort of better than some of the earlier seasons where characters spent an interminable amount of time traveling from one place to another and made the show extremely dull/boring. Season 5 was the best example of this.

August 10, 2017

Well thank God for that

I mean, whew, that's important to have before potentially plunging us into a global nuclear war. And I used to think such talk from and around GWB was troubling/creepy.

August 10, 2017

The point is that ENOUGH people fell for it

that they voted for Trump, voted third party out of protest, or, in some cases voted for NOBODY at all and left the top line blank. All of the smearing and, more importantly, false equivalencies, helped bring Clinton down and Trump up just enough for her to lose and him to win in the EC. This isn't, of course, to deny or paper over all of the other issues with the election (Russian interference certainly being a contributing factor about which we are still learning the full extent of) but the fact is that the media and some on the left successfully managed to create enough doubt and fear on the left about Hillary and her more-hawkish-than-President Obama-tendencies and "reassurance" about Trump ("Sure, he'll be a flaming dumpster fire on most policies but he won't pick a fight with Russia" ) that she lost to one of the most supremely unqualified candidates possibly ever in our country's history.

August 9, 2017

A POTUS simply does NOT "improvise" or "ad-lib" things like this

His/Her words have meaning and consequence well beyond that of a blowhard Fox host like Sean Hannity or your crazy wingnut uncle. We can only hope that Trump/Kim stop triggering each other before one of them pushes "the button".

August 7, 2017


And we can't just elect a good President and call it a day either. Having a good President is essential but without congressional and judicial support, a good President can quickly find his agenda derailed. If we learned nothing from the past 8 years, it's that.

August 4, 2017

We definitely need to figure out some way to address

Republican-based electoral shenanigans like gerrymandering and voter suppression for sure and make sure that every eligible voter who wants to cast a vote can cast a vote and that their vote is cast for the right person. After last year's fiasco, we definitely need to make sure our voter machine and electoral infrastructure is secure. Our platform and policies are generally popular and well-accepted by the public but there is a serious problem when we can win the majority of votes and not win the requisite number of seats. Also, we need to figure some better way to hit back against the Republican slime machine during campaigns. As I said before, Democratic policies are generally popular with the public, which is why the Republicans have to lie, twist, and distort them and use propaganda and fear until the Democratic candidate looks little better than pond scum by the time of the election. Oh, and of course, every eligible Democratic voter needs to get out to vote in every.single.election. NO EXCEPTIONS. We can't get and keep a majority if we get out to vote in one major election every 4 years but then sit on our butts during the midterms or all of the local and state elections. Republican voters do it. Why can't ours?

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