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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
October 17, 2019

This is the Trump MO

1. Create a problem that either didn't exist or if it did, exacerbate it with poorly thought out "solutions" or ideas and recklessly implement them with little or no consultation with people whom might know better.
2. When things start to go bad, ignore it or minimize it, attack the critics, basically do anything other than addressing the problem and/or acknowledging responsibility for it.
3. "Solve" the problem or find some way to address it that makes things not so bad
4. Declare victory and pretend that he deserves high praise for fixing his f**kups
5. ???????
6. Profit

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Name: Mara Alis Butler
Gender: Female
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Member since: Sat Feb 28, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 24,296

About Mad_Machine76

Transgender Woman /Social Worker/Case Manager working for State of Indiana. Huge Sci-Fi/Anime Geek and music lover. Hopeless \"political junkie\" and aspiring writer.

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