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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
June 30, 2021

Republicans don't believe in Democratic governance

Even when they're not in control, they want to be in control and when they suddenly figure out that they can't control everything, they throw a tantrum try to get the media to give them their binkies and coddle them and tell them that they'll make sure that the Democrats can't do anything either. The media typically responds in this fashion.

If they don't want to come back to the table and be bipartisan, then Democrats should just load everything up in one big reconciliation package and ram it through. It's no different than what Republicans would do- if they were in power actually wanted to do anything.

June 27, 2021

I have to think

that they know that this is all unconstitutional but passing the stuff anyway makes them feel (temporarily) like they've "owned the libs" and ensure their rabid right-wing base's loyalty in the next election- and sometimes at least a few people will be hurt by the laws while the legal processes are ongoing.

June 25, 2021

What do you suggest?

I think that a lot of times most Democrats (myself included) just recognize how absurd this stuff is that we really have no good idea of how to respond. For the record, I never agreed with "Defund The Police" because I get how that looks and sounds (or might) to most average people and that it was dangerously ripe for right-wing mischaracterization and spin. *I* understood what it meant but the only thing that most people were hearing was taking away money from the police and leaving people defenseless against crime. Of course, there weren't many actual Democrats advocating for it but got slapped with the label anyway. I'm curious about how big of a winner fighting against CRT is going to be for the Republicans. Most people have at least some knowledge and understanding that slavery, Jim Crow, etc. is part of our sordid national history and Republicans are basically attacking an educational/historical theory for pointing that out- and all of the ways those things continue to fuel inequality. They basically want to whitewash (literally) American history and try to pretend racism is over- even though they damn well know it's not.

June 15, 2021

It's stupid political nonsense pushed by Republicans

whom evidently don’t ever have enough to complain about. She’ll visit the border and they’ll complain that it was just a “photo-op”. It’s ridiculous to think she can appease them.

June 13, 2021

I have to start back in the office 50% of the time starting next week

and back in the office full time after Independence Day and I'm already dreading it, not so much being back in the office but it just feels like a waste of time to drive 30-40 minutes one way through increasingly congested traffic (there is a local interstate that will be out of commission for EIGHTEEN MONTHS yay infrastructure!) for a job where I'm not really even there all day most days as I work for Child Services and split most of my time between paperwork in the office, going to client homes, and going to court. We have been working remotely for over a year now and been managing things pretty well, with court being held remotely and being able to manage paperwork and other duties fine remotely. I neither feel particularly motivated to return to the home, nor do I think that the job has ever really needed to have our butts sitting in an office most of the time when we're not doing other stuff. Yet, for now I suppose our Republican Governor (Holcomb-Indiana) wants to make sure that everything appears "normal" which is probably just as well for him as our Republican Supermajority Overlords stripped him of emergency health measures (heaven forfend we have to deal with a worst public health emergency in the future).

Anyway, I digress..........

June 8, 2021

Question about Afghanistan Withdrawal

I've been seeing some stories lately about some activists trying to pressure Joe Biden into letting a number of Afghan translators and people whom have worked with the US during our long involvement in Afghanistan into the country, supposedly to help protect them from retribution or something but what I don't quite understand is, is this something that is commonplace whenever we leave a former war zone or is it when we make a tactical withdrawal (aka retreat) like we did in Vietnam? Are we leaving Afghanistan with the general assumption that the Taliban will be immediately filling the void left by our withdrawal, which is why these activists are so concerned about protecting those Afghanis whom helped us there?

June 5, 2021

Just because somebody is disabled

Doesn't mean that they can't be an awful person, unfortunately.

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