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Trailrider1951's Journal
Trailrider1951's Journal
October 19, 2020

Keith Olbermann's latest, and it's a duzy!

"Scanners" LOL

I've really missed this man!
October 16, 2020

I've got a bad feeling about this election. Please talk me down!

I'm thinking that it's not the presidential election that will be stolen, but the race for the control of the senate will be where the votes get stolen. Hear me out: At this time, Joe Biden is so far ahead of Rump, it will be difficult to alter the results of the election for a Rump win. In several states, however, the races for senate are very close, 5 percentage points or fewer. Those races would be far easier to alter the results. Maybe that's the reason for Moscow Mitch's horrific giggling at his debate with Amy McGrath. Maybe he knows that the fix is in, and the republican party is OK with throwing Rump under the bus to save the power of the Senate. Rump isn't the only one in Putin's pocket. Am I being too paranoid?

I guess the only way to tell will be after the election and the votes are counted. Let's say I live in a red state. The electorate goes 56% for Joe, but somehow records only 35% for the democratic senatorial candidate, when the polls indicate the race to be much closer. South Carolina, I'm looking at you! If this happens, what can we expect, except for maybe a re-count?

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