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Trailrider1951's Journal
Trailrider1951's Journal
May 14, 2020

Neil Young

Comes a time:

Just because....
May 2, 2020

Question regarding the anti-viral wipes

I have been unable to find them at my local grocery store after March 12. I did have most of a large canister of the Lysol wipes left over from our last family camp-out, and half a regular-sized canister of wipes in my car. I use the ones in my car for disinfecting my hands after a trip to the store and the ones at home to disinfect store purchases and delivered packages. I've noticed that the wipes themselves are made of a sturdy cloth-like fabric that is probably not as degradable in the land fill as are paper products. Can I re-use these wipes instead of throwing them away? I though about putting the used wipes in a plastic container and spraying them until moist with a 10% bleach solution and re-using and therefore recycling them would be a good choice. Please give my your opinions as to whether or not to re-use the wipes. Thanks for your input!

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