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Member since: Fri Mar 12, 2004, 11:06 PM
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Hey Backlash - YOU shut up and disappear!! Hillary Clinton matters now, and into history!!

I voted' stickers put on Susan B. Anthony's grave
Women's suffragist Susan B. Anthony never got the chance to vote, so people are leaving "I voted" stickers on her grave as tribute to her.

Not a mention of HRC, even showing clips from 2016.

The women's march of 1/21/2017 supposedly had nothing to do with women relating to the anger we felt at the double standards thrown at Hillary Clinton every step of the way, the offensive behavior of Trump, the absurdity of his crowds, media, and her qualifications vs. his. I don't ever want to hear again that she was a "bad candidate." BULL!!

The Access Hollywood tape. The women who came forward against him, and his cruel hypocrisy sitting Bill Clinton's accusers in front of HRC at a debate. His making fun of her nearly fainting from exhaustion near the end of the campaign; his interrupting her during the debates -- these are things women can ALL identify with, some of us all too well. (And by the end of the Kavanaugh hearing, it was boiling over among my friends.)

So yes, Susan B. Anthony. Geraldine Ferraro. AND Hillary Clinton. In 2020, I know we're already looking at men again. But for the 100th anniversary, it would be awesome to have a woman nominee again -- one of an age to have fought what Hillary did, and no doubt Hillary would speak for her at the convention. She's always there for the greater good.

The Backlash LOVES to tell inconvenient women to shut up and go away. Throughout history, that's its main role. She's laying low, unfortunately. I hope someday the country will sing her praises, along with other women who were maligned in their lifetimes.
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