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Why is Biden in the lead?

I hear it's because he's viewed as the safest bet to beat Trump. He has the gravitas of having served as President Obama's VP. He's got decades and decades of experience.

But he has never been a great -- or even a good -- retail politician, as many times as he's tried, and now he is far, far worse. Set aside the long history that the RNC would love to turn into juicy campaign ads and smears, this is simply NOT our best candidate, by any measure.

Can we just admit that many of his answers were virtually incoherent?? (Radios and record players, as just one example?) I know what he was trying to say, but he is not able to say it.

Debates should matter. This is our party's time to decide. (Or, our party in the three early states -- the rest seem to follow suit.) My state is late, but I support candidates in the process.

In my undecided opinion, three of tonight's ten are now X'd out: Biden, Bernie, and Yang.

I have some favorites among the other seven -- I get emails and contribute to three -- but actually I'd be very excited to support and campaign for any one of them.

I just don't get why Biden is on the top of any list except the "ruled out" list. He's a great guy, and was a fine VP; this is just my personal opinion of his candidacy for potus. It astonishes me, seeing his performance tonight, that all the criticism and commentary is about the people who may have gone against him.
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