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Member since: Fri Mar 12, 2004, 11:06 PM
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I See a Backlash Coming: "The Karen"

This is how we become divided -- by stereotypes, prejudices, biases, assumptions and classifications that put us in boxes like Barbies on a shelf -- just a quick look at the packaging tells you the 'type.'

That's how a few instances created The Welfare Queen, still the symbol used to justify white outrage over taxes and "big government."

It's how "militant" feminists fighting for our rights were cast as Man-Hating, Unnatural Women, symbols of feminism and targets of attack, for decades.

There's also the Brainless Trophy Wife, the Bitter Old Hag, and the Snobby Liberal Elitist Nothing in Particular Just Hate Her. (See: The Karen.)

From the earliest times, we have women's names to blame -- Pandora, then Eve. (Careful of your Marys, sisters!) The blame passes down, often by first name.

Of late, the name "Monica" has been slut-shamed. And let's not have another "Hillary"!!

The Becky, now Amy Cooper as a new symbol of the white liberal racist Barbie, and Minneapolis as somehow -- facts be damned -- creating a basis for excluding Amy Klobuchar.

Ultimately, the new stereotype: The Karen...

This is not about INclusion. It is about EXclusion. The backlash is coming at "liberal, educated (Democratic)" white women, and you know why we can't call it out? Because I know, I know, who can have any sympathy for us? Aren't our lives just perfect???

I am with Black Lives Matter.
I am with the protesters.
I am with the movement for change.
I am voting for Joe Biden.

But the struggle in our racial tug-of-war has impacted me, violently. I am hesitant to speak of it because after all, I'm a privileged white woman.

Feminism starts with EQUALITY.

DO NOT label me a "KAREN."
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