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Profile Information

Name: Betts
Gender: Do not display
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Fri Mar 19, 2004, 10:31 AM
Number of posts: 9,764

About Me

Favorite group cooking and General discussion.

Journal Archives

People weren't thriving they

we’re dying thanks to you Slobfather!
I can’t watch this SON of a Bitch!

The attack ads in my State and

County we’re so horrific.
They were so incredibly untrue.
Every Democrat that lost from theses ads, including Tim Ryan.

Very Sad in Ohio

Republicans won everything!

Our Girl Jenn Donnley winning against

Michael Loychik! N.E.Ohio
State Rep 63 District

Our State Park won’t be named Trump!

Woot! woot!

Ding ding ding

So Lindsey Graham has to put

his hand on the Bible!

Kari Lake is Crazy

with a Capitol C!!!
Anyone who can incite more violence from the hate she continues to skew needs a mental health check!


It is a big f**king deal

that Pelosi’s husband was attacked. I think media should talk about this non stop and out Fox news every chance possible for fluffing it!

The only way to save our Country

Is to get rid of Fox News!
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