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Member since: Fri Mar 19, 2004, 11:31 AM
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Ok my blood is boiling today!!!

I got a very unpleasant phone call today from my brother who was a former union rep. Now retired from his steel company sold off to Bain capital and voted for Trump. We have been at each otherís throats since his vote for trump. I post things to Facebook and I use both my maiden name and married name on it. My brother is retired and has enough money to live comfortable. Somewhere around 4,000.00ía month income not counting his bank accounts and stocks and such!

Today he asked me to not use my maiden name on Facebook as people ask him about my posts. He goes to Florida all winter his income allows him the pleasure to leave the snow! I went crazy and told him Iím not dropping my maiden name...as Iím proud of being democrat, my posts, and that my mother and father would be proud of me for defending what they taught and believed in. I wonder what his union brothers would think of him? He hates all my posts...and is embarrassed of me using his last name! I told him heíll no I wonít drop my maiden name or my core beliefs that he somehow forgot!
I canít help it that his friends are Republicans!

I lost my job, my husband lost his job and we both had to take lower paying jobs and my husband is still paying on a student loan in order to have his mediocre job for way less pay. We lost almost all of our 401k during the Bush years as we were unable to roll ours over as he did during that time. We are both 61 years old and struggle with arthritis because neither of us ever had easy jobs. He on the other hand sat in a crane all day with a good union job. My husband needs knee replacements in both knees and and is still in the weather all day on his feet but this time works for the state a union job just way less pay as heís only been at it 6 years. Iím mopping floors and cleaning government subsidized housing and the mop weighs more than me!

Hell no Im not going to drop my my maiden name because I embarass his trump supporting umbrella drinking buddies! I hate trump and everything the Republican Party stands for and my Dad taught me from a young age about my vote! Part of him lives on from me!!! My brother is a widower and he canít live long enough to spend all his money. Maybe he finds delight in watching us struggle. We have never been without work but once in our lives. I was out of work at age20 when I nearly lost my life do to Guillain Barre and collect SS disability for a year or two afterward. So Iíve never really been pain free! We have 5 1/2 more years to go before we can retire.

We have a nice home and much to be thankful for but sadly I canít have him at my table ever again! Thanksgiving will never be the same!! But asking me to drop my maiden name was truly the last straw! He can go to Flordia in December and stay there with his trumper friends live at his sons house where he fits in.... but for now he lives in Ohio just like me and heís going to have to deal with the thorn in his side which happens to be his baby sister who is 9 years younger than him and a whole lot smarter! He canít seem to figure out heís in the minority!

My parents are turning in ther graves! His last comment was heís surprised my husband puts up with this. All the money in the world canít replace morals. He sucks on all counts! Thanks for letting me vent! Canít take the Blue out of this Ohio girl! Swanson makes a good turkey dinner!

I think this speaks for most of us here on D.U.

A great Rant I found on BartCop:

Dear Republicans

Fuck you. No, I'm not joking. I'm sick of this bullshit.

I'm sick of the way you've corrupted the public discourse. The way you've made it acceptable to hurl any insult you like at public officials. The way you blame us for the current atmosphere of hatred by accusing us of starting it with hating Bush. Like Bush didn't come on the heels of eight years of your tireless efforts to destroy Clinton by any means necessary, like Bush didn't give us good reason to complain. A couple of posters on a website compared Bush to Hitler and you've used it as free license to compare Obama to Hitler 24/7 and I'm sick of your hypocrisy, where it's acceptable to say shit about Obama that you would have had an apoplectic fit (and did) if anything remotely similar had been said about your guys. Keith Olbermann calls Cheney a fascist when he was actually using fascist tactics and you think that gives you the freedom to call Obama a fascist, socialist, Marxist constantly for no reason at all. Fuck you and your bullshit false equivalency.

I'm sick of the way you've made the populace stupid. Around a fifth of your populace thinks the sun orbits the earth, over half think evolution never happened. Your populace actually believe the media has a liberal bias. Not because it has, you have the most conservative media in the free world, but because you've shouted it so loud and so often that you've brainwashed the public into believing it, like the battered wife who parrots her husband's insults. You've got a whole segment of the populace shouting about socialism and fascism and none of them know what the fucking words mean. You've convinced them that fascism is a left-wing thing. You've got them so turned around that some of them actually believe global warming isn't happening. Fuck you.

I'm sick of the way you try to destroy the whole concept of government. You've tricked the people into believing that government can't do anything right, always being careful to exclude the army because you love your bullets and bombs but you've so destroyed the public's ability to reason that they don't even think of interstate highways, the space program, the national parks program, etc. Government is always great when it's doing what you tell it and inevitably corrupt when it isn't. Fuck you.

I'm sick of your rewriting of history. You've bleated so loud and long that Reagan was a great president, that the New Deal didn't work, that cutting taxes increases revenues, that you actually have the people believing this bullshit. And these are the same people who will go on to become teachers and fill their student's heads with this self-same bullshit. Reagan was a mediocre president at best who had the good fortune to be in power when the USSR collapsed under it's own weight and you bastards have turned him into the Second Coming. You've rewritten history so that everything foul and hateful and wrong can be attributed to a Democrat while everything worthwhile is a Republican's glory. Fuck you.

I'm sick of your dragging the center ever further to the right. How many whackjob fringe ideas have you dragged into the mainstream? The aforementioned idea that tax cuts increase revenues, the Laffer Curve, the idea that Welfare harms the poor, the idea that there's rampant fraud in Welfare, the idea that whatever is good for corporations is good for the country. And you push these ideas through your corporate media and you do it so long and loud that they become part of the accepted political landscape and because it is easier to tell a lie than to debunk one, we never get away from this rancid shit. Fuck you.

I'm sick of your casual criminality. Teddy Kennedy, a man who's boots you were not worthy to lick, was just buried and all I've heard from my rightist friends for days is Chappaquiddick, Chappaquiddick, Chappaquiddick. Your fucking golden boy raped the Constitution, mainly because he wanted to; tortured random people (and waterboarding is torture, fuck you too) essentially because he wanted to; spent like a drunken sailor, essentially because he wanted to; invaded a sovereign nation, essentially for the loot and destroyed people's lives, essentially for the evilulz and you bastards are obsessed with a fucking accident a Democrat had decades ago? You don't go on about Laura Bush killing some guy decades ago. Fuck you.

I'm sick of you praising pure evil. You're letting Dick Cheney be the standard-bearer for Republicanism. Dick Cheney, a man so nakedly evil that even his friends call him "Darth"; a man so callous that Lex Luthor would recoil in terror; a man who probably has dismembered hitchhikers in those man-sized safes and kills plants by his mere proximity. Fuck you.

I'm sick of your attempts to tilt the playing field permanently in your favor. Democrats filibustered a few of Bush's most hateful judicial picks and you pricks started screaming about doing away with the filibuster but now you're in the minority, you're filibustering absolutely everything you can and whining when you don't get the chance. You ignored everything the Democrats had to say when you had power and now that you don't, you scream that everyone must be bipartisan. You don't budge a fucking inch on anything but you insist that everyone must compromise to meet you. That's your idea of politics: Don't move an inch, force the other guy to come to the right to meet you and call the result a "compromise". Fuck you.

I'm sick of your corporatism. You dress it up in false populism but anyone with half a brain can see that you're the brought and paid for subsidiary of big business. You keep pushing tax cuts as the answer for absolutely everything, you keep sabotaging every attempt to control the excesses of big business. You genuinely think the world would be a better place if it was a combination of Bill Gibson's dystopian vision of a corporate dominated world and Ayn Rand's bullshit Objectivism, yet another entry in mankind's endless attempts to find a moral justification for naked greed. You've taken the clinically insane spewings of a woman literally to the right of Hitler (pardon my Godwins) and the 1984-like vision of a dystopian author and convinced yourselves that would be a good place to live. Big business is the enemy of the people, always has been. The ideal for the corporate class is to have a small pool of people rich enough to buy their fucking crap and a much larger pool of people so poor and with so few options that they can be used and abused at the corporation's whim. A corporation's objective is not to look after you, it is to make ever-larger profits by any means necessary. You bastards want to reinstate fucking slavery to the corporate class and you've made the public so fucking stupid that they actually swallow the bullshit you're serving up, they actually want to enslave themselves to the corporations that abuse them at every turn. They actually care more about the corporations right to make obscene profits than they care about their child's right to live on a habitable planet. Fuck you.

Fuck you, you scumridden shitehawks, you make me sick. Just fuck off and die.

Hey Washington: We Don't have to overhaul Medicare to Save it

Republicans and some Democrats claim that we have to radically change Medicare because we can't afford it. They're wrong on both counts.


Medicare needs a structural overhaul in order to avoid bankrupting the federal government--or so Republicans and many Democrats would have you believe. The latest evidence of this consensus is the Paul Ryan-Ron Wyden proposal to change Medicare into a voucher system where traditional Medicare is one of the options, but there are artificial caps on the value of the vouchers.

There's only one problem with this consensus. It's wrong.

The push for Medicare reform comes from understandable concerns about health care. Rising medical costs are a serious problem. We spend more than people in other countries, we get less, our gains in life expectancy are mediocre, employers are struggling with increasing health care costs, and of course, 50 million people are uninsured.

Washington says we can't afford Medicare. What does the math say?Second, rising health care costs are the most important factor in the federal government's long-term deficit. The CBO projects that spending on Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and subsidies for insurance purchased through exchanges will grow from 5.4 percent of GDP this year to 10.3 percent in 2035, and that's assuming a slight slowdown in the growth rate of health care spending. (But there's a major caveat to that well-known talking point, discussed below.)

More at the link: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/12/hey-washington-we-dont-have-to-overhaul-medicare-to-save-it/250282/
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