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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
January 30, 2014

Cooties for 'adults'

Hey kids and kids-at-heart, want to do something... DANGEROUS?

"BE FOREWARNED: If you allow it at all, don't let your children to watch the Olympics without supervision."

Here's the context, it's about the commentary, that will be provided by Johnny Weir... a gay man.


I used to think when I heard them talk about this magical indoctrination they apparently do, 'So how does it work, is it like radiation? Do they have to breathe on me? How long do I have to be around a gay person before my heterosexuality is compromised?' But just the act of SEEING gays on TV is enough to do it now? Wow. How soon before being on the same planet as a gay person can do it?

It's more than that, as everyone knows:
Gays attract hurricanes and tornadoes too.
Gays are all making plans to go to Sochi for the sole purpose of terrorizing people there.
Gays have connections to all the top scientific institutions and associations and THAT is the reason why 'brilliant' researchers like Paul Cameron are laughed at by scientists and at least one judge.

But my favorite is what I call the ABSOLUTE SCORCHED EARTH, BOYCOTT THE GAYS tactic.

You know what I am talking about, we've all seen it:

"I REFUSE to buy, support, use, or endorse any product, service, or NOUN for that matter that supports gays or is supported by gays, is gay friendly, acknowledges that gays exist, whatever."

Some famous sightings:
'Disney says gay people have loved ones and wants to give them shared insurance. BOYCOTT!' (Wiley Drake)
'Someone put ads in a gay magazine. BOYCOTT!' (American Family Association)
And the best one of all, 'Google is going against countries that have moral laws against homosexuals, they'll soon be feeling the burn of our BOYCOTT!' (Tony Perkins, the Google initiative that he was speaking against included reforming laws that allow for the execution of gays)

And yet, they are silent about gay people liking little things such as air and water. Isn't that weird?

If all you homophobes are going to worry about your adult cooties, can we also play freeze tag, freeze Boehner and company, and then just leave them where they are?

January 28, 2014

The BS Curve

By the way, it stands for bilateral structure, totally. Yep.

Basically, it's the idea that...
If you cut or eliminate any assistance, food stamps, welfare the poor receive then they will work harder, and they will grudgingly accept the first job they find and it will be easy to do since there are so many jobs around.

But there's another side to this curve, and that is...
If you raise taxes or increase regulations on the rich or 'job creators', then they will not work as hard, they will flee the Nazi US with it's genocidal progressive taxes, the country will become a desolate wasteland, and the US will become the live action version of Fallout and the living shall envy the dead.

Short version is:
The rich will work harder if they have even more, and the poor will work harder if they have even less.

Basically the BS Curve is a staple of right wing thought, although you also see it a lot in libertarian thought as well. You hear it from politicians, the media, probably from some of your friends and family, and more.

It's so vital to right wing talking points and the curve is a force behind so much legislation, but yet there is so little to back it.

* No empirical research
* No interviews with people affected by it ("First I was poor then the Nazi government cut my food stamps so I found a job. Then I won the lottery and now the Communist government wants to tax me for it!"
* God, not even a graph of the BS Curve exists, I mean if people can say "Hunger is a motivator for the poor!" and "The 30% tax rate for the rich is just like the Holocaust for them!" so many times and with so much fervor, then someone, ANYONE, can draw a visualization of an estimation of when the morale increases/demoralization happens vs what the poor and rich have.

People need to get out there and ask their politicians, their media, and people who talk about this what exactly the BS Curve (And remember, it means Bilateral Structure) means to them and what are the circumstances and inner workings of it.

* What is the BS Curve as how it relates to the working poor? If they find they qualify for welfare and food stamps, will they quit their jobs and live on the dole? What is the percentage chance of this happening?
* There was a case of a rich woman in Seattle, she lived in an upscale neighborhood, she also took in welfare, rent assistance, and both state and federal disability payments. Will she work harder or not as much now that the government took all of this away?
* If we cut it down even further, how does the BS Curve work in regards to the lower lower class, lower upper class, lower upper middle class, working class, lower upper class, etc.? What does giving them more vs giving them less do for them?
* Has the BS Curve been researched in other countries, if the BS Curve holds true, then countries with universal health care, robust safety nets, quality education, and other programs paid for by a healthy to substantial tax rate will be Kafkaesque nightmares that nobody would want to live in or even visit while countries that are 'every man for himself' and no taxes should be stable and friendly. What countries show the BS Curve?

And let's get a graph people, everybody needs to see the Bilateral Structure curve for themselves.

January 27, 2014

Mike Huckabee sets the record straight: Our party is waging a war FOR women

"Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. That’s not a war on them; it’s war for them."

So when Jim DeMint said gays and unmarried women should be barred from teaching (Here), he was obviously looking out for them, protecting them from, or doing them a service... well, because you know, FREEDOM!

Or when Todd Akin and a host of other Republicans go on about pregnancy from rape being rare to non-existent because of magical secretions or other ways to shut that whole thing down, it's NOT the 'just-world-hypothesis' that pretty much amounts to 'It wasn't rape because you are pregnant and must have enjoyed it'. No, get it RIGHT! It's some bit of super-science that us normal scientists don't have access to.

Or when Fox News went on a (air quote)whine spree(/air quote) because women won't have to pay more in health insurance because they're women, they weren't actually complaining about it or trying to cause divisions or anything like that. Paying more for some items at some times should be considered a good thing, just like when Fox News made the incredible discovery that low gas prices under Obama might be a bad thing. (Here)

So yeah women, job discrimination, pseudoscience, higher prices because of your sex, they're not BAD things, they're all things that are actually in your corner. Don't you see now or are you going to continue be blinded by all those liberals?

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