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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
October 18, 2017

Yes Jack, why?

Ten GOP exposed as a Putinist implant. Kind of funny that they could fool a "Navy intel officer" and member of the "alt-right", right?

Make sure to check links and take lots of screen caps of conservatives falling for that e-polonium right here before they eventually do that whole silent scrubbing thing they like doing like how no InfoWars person ever called Sandy Hook a hoax:

October 13, 2017

Lots of people are thinking Post-Trump, nothing wrong with that, I just want to add one thing

We had Bush and his horrible policies for 8 years and then suddenly on January 21, 2009, no Republican really supported Bush, all of the sudden it became OK to say Bush wasn't the messiah, nobody really thought the Iraq war was a great idea, nobody voted for him twice, oh yeah he didn't become President on September 12, 2001, that he wasn't selected by God himself, that it's OK to criticize him now, etc.

I don't want this to happen with Trump supporters, you feel me?

If one day becomes the first day of the post-Trump era, I don't want to see any Republican or conservative suddenly saying "But I never really supported Trump" and it going unchallenged.

You say "Prove it, or you are a liar!" Tell them to cite something or their credibility is on the line.

Bookmark this thread, keep it in your hearts.

(Plus giving a little hope that there is a post-Trump era at all.)

October 6, 2017

New Rule: If you're the media, any claim by Trump will need multiple source verification

There's a reason why Steve on the corner with the sign the world is ending next week for the past year now is not a meteorologist, there's a reason why Walid Shoebat is not considered an expert in national security, and there's a reason why you don't call up that 13 year old kid (or 31 year old conservative) who claims to be an ex-navy seal and is coming to find you to commit grievous assault on you for news on the technology circuit.

They're not reputable and they're not experts.

With Trump's long train of false statements and the whole "he's just trolling you" with his coming storm remark, he is clearly in that camp above.

There is nothing forcing any media organization to cover any item by or of Trump or his cohorts at all.

Now it's time to make a request of the media, if they want to be viewed as reputable, then any claim that is made by a member of the Trump administration and they plan to include it in a news cycle at all, then they need verification that that the claim was made and that it is accurate.

The Trump administration may have destroyed the credibility of the executive branch and the respect for the Oval Office, but there is a real chance for a real media to rise from the ashes.

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