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Xipe Totec

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 06:04 PM
Number of posts: 43,327

Journal Archives

The Queen Mother and The High Sparrow

Draw your conclusions.

How's that Hoppy Wheaty working out for ya?

Pretty good, actually.

But thanks for asking.

All I ask from God - Mercedes Sosa & León Gieco

I only ask God
That pain not make me indifferent
That cold death not find me
Empty and alone without having done enough

I only ask God
That injustice not make me indifferent
That it not slap my other cheek
After fortune clawed and scratched me

I only ask God
That war not make me indifferent
It's a great monster that stomps
The innocence of poor people
It's a great monster that stomps
The innocence of poor people

I only ask God
That cheating not make me indifferent
If a traitor can do more than a few
Let those few not easily forget

I only ask God
That the future not make me indifferent
To outcasts who must go
To live a different culture

What a poutrage!

Accusing Hillary of saying Bernie was not qualified to be President, when she merely implied it!

And besides, she said Bernie was slightly better than Ted or Donald, so that makes it all better.

Now chill.

Photographer Captures The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mexico’s Indigenous Communities

“Oaxaca was something that had to happen, it was something that I didn’t look for. It simply occurred.”

That’s how photographer Diego Huerta describes his work in the southern Mexican state, where he has diligently traveled to for the past four years to document its indigenous communities with breathtaking portraits.

The 30-year-old Mexican photographer began working on this project, titled “Inside Oaxaca,” after traveling to Oaxaca and inadvertently witnessing the Guelaguetza, its biggest annual celebration and parade that features traditional dances and customs from the States’ eight regions.



Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now


We have invaded Iraq and visited death and destruction upon its people. We too are motivated by a thirst for black gold, and we also genuinely believe in the moral superiority of our religion. Not since the conquest of Mexico has there been such a lopsided mismatch of weapons. The "war" with Iraq and the siege of Baghdad may not last three weeks but its aftermath will reverberate for countless generations. May the satisfaction of our victory outlast the collective memory of those who are about to receive our Democratic "blessing"

- Xipe Totec March 23, 2003


New Dish - Tio Beto's Trump Tacos; Lots of tongue, very little brains, and a pig's snout


The tricolor

El tricolor, en cualquier momento,
en cualquier ocasión,
nos recuerda que somos Mexicanos,
Sin que olvidemos donde estamos,
O cual fué la razón.

The tricolor (Green White Red)
No matter the occasion,
reminds us we are Mexicans,
Without forgetting where we are,
Or why we are there.

The GOP rigged the House: Even a massive Donald Trump defeat wouldn’t give Democrats control

Enter REDMAP. The RSLC strategists decided to target as many state legislative chambers as they could in 2010, with an eye to maximizing the number of states where they could have total control of drawing new maps the following year. They spent $30 million — a steal when you consider that’s the cost of some Senate races — in local elections in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina, all with the goal of asserting GOP dominance in purple states. They were aided by the fact that 2010 became an anti-Obama wave election and many discouraged Democrats stayed home. But by the end of Election Night 2010, the GOP had attained several hundred new state legislative seats (hitting a decades-long high point) and captured some two-thirds of state legislative chambers nationwide. They pressed that advantage big-time in 2011, using the most advanced map-making and demographic technology ever to super-glue their gains in place.

As we head into the 2016 election, it’s worth taking a look at how well those new maps performed in the last presidential cycle, a solid 2012 win by Barack Obama in which he defeated Mitt Romney by 126 electoral votes. It was a good year for the Democrats nationally; taken in the aggregate, Democratic House candidates earned 1.4 million more votes than their GOP counterparts. Despite that plurality, Democrats gained merely eight seats in the House; the GOP retained a big majority of 33 seats, down a little from the previous 41-seat edge.

What this means is that Democrats start in a hole — with these electoral maps, it is not enough for more people to vote for Democratic candidates. That 1.4 million edge in 2012 amounted to 50.4 percent of the two-party vote overall for the Democrats. You would need something upwards of 55 percent to get in the ballpark of the chambers switching, which would require many millions more votes. It would require Republicans to punish their party not only by voting for Hillary Clinton, but to further punish them by taking away the House, instead of keeping it in GOP hands as a check on Clinton and the Democrats.


MSNBC Clinton Strategist says HRC More experienced because "she's seen world leaders in the eyes"

Let that sink in.

Let's see if you remember what other US leader has seen other world leaders in the eyes.

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