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Profile Information

Name: Jason Taverner
Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: The Great San Francisco Bay Area
Member since: Fri Apr 9, 2004, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 55,476

About Me

I am who that I am...I can be no other! No gods, no masters, no leaders! YOU are both your salvation and your Satan! Exclamation points are cool!

Journal Archives

"Treat me like a piece of meat"

Well, guess what, you ARE meat.

So am I, and so is everyone reading this.

Granted, you may not be fit for human consumption, but you sure are fit for insect and bacterial consumption.

Every animal is another's meat.

Treated like meat? Well that's Capitalism. Capitalism, a system by which everything has its price. Even people.

People get all up in arms over prostitution, but what do you call wage slavery?

That McDonalds worker is being exploited - in ways FAR worse than prostitution. And it's perfectly legal.

At least the prostitute gets paid a living wage (most of the time)

But here's the kicker: that CEO who keeps wages at poverty levels? That politician who does nothing for workers? That consulting agency who busts unions?

They are all going to die.

Someday, they too will be another animals' meat.

And during this time, all of their money will be useless. All of their power, gone.

They will be left just a pile of stinking, rotten meat.

California, my home, does things just a little different than everywhere else

We didn't have exit numbers for years.

We also used to be horrible at marking highways (I am told.)

For the longest time, highways were known by their honorary name, rather than the number. "Hollywood Freeway" for example.

I honestly think, if we could drive on the Left side of the street, like in Tokyo and London, we would.

We have BBQ, but Texans and Missourians would laugh.

Tilapia flash grilled with lime and green onion.

Chicken Breast, grilled with oak, white wine and garlic.

A lot of this place looks like a place Ewoks would live.

We put our taxes up to a popular vote, sometimes. Always to disastrous results.

We smoke weed like you drink lite beer.

Our women truly are the most beautiful in the world. This is not an accident. This is the Tinseltown effect.

You will always be able to find a non-chain good restaurant, no matter where you are. Unless you are where the Ewoks might live.

"He's a Republican!?!?!?!" comes as a surprise to many. Including Christians. I've never seen so many Evangelical Christian Democrats.

This place is diverse, and that is not an accident either. Tinseltown effect + Tech effect. Smartest and most beautiful.

In our cities, parking is easier to find, but more expensive if you pay.

Having a band in your spare time is a perfectly fine adult hobby.


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