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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
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Latest Romney Ad

Willard "Mitt" Romney is displaying a new ad in swing states. Must see.


2002 Olympic Uniforms Were Manufactured in Burma


Worse than Communist China, Mitt Romney's 2002 Olympics allowed the American uniforms to be manufactured in sweat shops from Burma.


special thanks for the link to DUer w8liftingladly

We Need Some Opposition Research on Utah Olympics (2002)

I can't believe how upset blue collar workers are about the Olympic uniforms being manufactured in Communist China. I love it. I've been suggesting that it be made illegal to manufacture the American Flag outside of the United States.

If it has 50 white stars on a blue background and thirteen alternating red and white stripes, it should be made here.

Which brings me to my point. Romney would not answer the question on the network news tonight of whether or not he thought it was wrong to import the US Olympic team's uniforms from Communist China (the right wingers cringe when I refer to China as Communist).

I suspect that Mitt did the same thing when he ran the Olympics in 2002.

If I'm correct, that's quite a story and quite a 30 second commercial. It's the type of thing that really hits home with blue collar workers who have lost their jobs or their job security to outsourcing. Or have seen their wages slashed.

If anyone knows the answer to this, please post it here.

ACA: Is the Mandate a Voluntary Tax or a Voluntary Penalty

It really doesn't matter what you call it, but the key here is that it is "voluntary".

We should explain that fact every time we describe it. If you choose not to carry insurance, and can afford to buy it, you will be charged a fee (or penalty or tax) at a rate of about $840 a year. But it is not a fee (or penalty or tax) on everyone, or even anyone.

I am for a single payer, government option rather than this "Republican" idea of a mandate. But I know how politics works and Obama had to move to the center on this to get his "blue dog" Democrats on board to get this thing to pass. I would have rather had lost the vote on principal than won with this mandate. But, as the President says, let's not re-fight this battle. It is what it is and that's a step in the right direction.

But the fact remains that the mandate, if phrased as a tax, is strictly voluntary. You don't have to pay it, if you comply with the law, just as I don't have to pay a ticket if I choose not to speed when I drive.

Every Poll has Obama Ahead Yesterday (6/29) and Today (6/30)

Real Clear Politics is the best web-site to gage opinion on the Presidential Horse Race.

Usually, some polls will move in different directions and have different leaders than others.

The RCP average has had Obama ahead nearly every single day since Romney clinched the nomination

Today, for the first time since Romney has clinched the nomination, every poll in the RCP average has President Obama ahead. Some by just a point, and others by as many as 13.

They include Republican leaning Rasmussen and Fox News.

This unanimity may not last more than a day. But at least we can enjoy it until we win the final poll that counts, on election day.

Link to RCP:

Who's Responsible for Gas Prices?

See the differences between "Us" and "Them"?

When gas prices rose, it was all the talk. Every Obama basher on TV, Radio and in the press blamed President Obama for the increase in gas prices. Just a couple of months ago, the price was approaching $4.00 a gallon with dire predictions of $5.00 a gallon gas during the peak Summer driving months. Obama was surely to blame, as he vetoed the Key Stone pipeline deal. He over regulated the oil industry. Prices had doubled since he took office, and prices at the pump were getting worse. It was all Obama's fault.

The reality of the situation, we argued, was that no amount of drilling would have a dramatic or immediate effect on gas prices. It is a global market, set by global supply and demand. Demand was never lower in 10 years in the US, and supply was never greater than now. The President, any President, has very little to do with short term gas price increases (or decreases). In fact, rather than the prices increasing under Obama, they were holding steady, as the price of a gallon of gas was $4.10 a gallon in June of 2008, a true indicator. The low price of $1.87 a gallon in January of 2009 was a result of the depth's of the "Great Recession" and huge decreases in global demand as speculation was that we may not have a world economy that recovered for years and demand would continue to decrease.

Now, the prices have dropped considerably from just two months ago. Those dire predictions have been exposed as the political rhetoric they were. Yet, we remain silent. What remains is the same old "heads they win" and "tails we tie" game. In other words, just like the stock market, if things get better, it just happens. If things get worse, it's all Obama's fault. They never pay a PR price for their bullshit.

It's as if they rob a bank and don't get caught, they get to keep the money. But if they get caught, all they have to do is give the money back and we forget about it. They can't lose.

We shouldn't let them get away with it. And by "them", I mean all the Obama haters in the media or holding public office.


Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

That's the famous question used in every re-election of an incumbent President. For some ungodly reason, the Obama Administration is running away from that question.

If I was running this campaign, I would embrace that question. Remember, the question is "are you better off NOW than you were 4 YEARS ago?" Not 5, 6 or 3. Four years ago.

Here's what I would do. I would post on my official on-line campaign web site the news from exactly 4 years ago, every day, until election day. For instance, on June 30, 2008, Gas prices were $4.10 a gallon. Are you better off on June 30 2012, where prices are $3.33 a gallon than you were on June 30 2008? Of course you are. Think of the possibilities as we approach election day. September 11, 2012, we can talk about the fact that bin Laden was still alive then, still threatening America with internet releases. September 15 to 21, the crash of the Stock Market, as Lehman Brothers' collapses. A Jobs report that had us losing 500,000 jobs a month. GDP growth at minus 3.5% (which was later revised to over minus 9%).

The beauty of this strategy is that it really is not us making the accusation, it's the Romney campaign that asks that question. We're only defending ourselves with facts. We can remind the American people, every day, of how bad off we were 4 years ago and how far we've come to recovery, and blame our opponents for bringing it up. We can do that, starting today, and the contrast would be striking, every day, right up to election day.

The Media would pick this tactic up, replay the online spot, and we could drive this home, every day, for next to no money.

We could put 30 second spots together to highlight the major days (Gas at $4.10 on June 30, the killing of bin Laden when ever he was in the news with an internet thereat in 2008, the war in Iraq, and the Lehman Brother's collapse in the middle of September). We could do all that by just snipping the actual news. We could use Reagan's on words "are you better of now than you were 4 years ago?" We could even use Romney's own words, and answerer "Yes". Pick the actual date, highlight the fear and anxiety we all felt at the time, and contrast it to today, where everything may not be perfect, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than 4 years ago.

Please. Please, I beg the Obama campaign to embrace this idea. I know it's a winner.

The Wing Nuts Blame Obama, but Never Give Him Credit When They're Proven Wrong

Today, I gassed up my 2002 Mercury Sable (68K Miles) for $3.44 a gallon, self serve. As I pumped the gas, it dawned on me that all the Repuke assholes were predicting the end of the Obama administration and imminent defeat because we would have over $4.00 a gallon gas on Memorial Day and $5.00 a gallon gas by election. Now that world demand is down and the Iran crisis talk has abated, the price is down to less than it was before all the dire talk of soaring prices. It got me to thinking of how many other false predictions these assholes made that didn't come true. How many other times they blamed President Obama for something, only to see the situation reverse itself, but never gave him the credit.

Gas Prices

Stock Market (doubled under President Obama)

The Auto Industry:

Can You Name the Last Two Presidents who Were Elected with A Business Background?

Herbert Hoover, (1929-1933): The President who ushered in the "Great Depression".

George W. Bush (2001-2009): The President who ushered in the "Great Recession".

I'll pass on electing businessmen as President.

Rasmussen Shock Poll. Obama by 3 Points

I'm just trying to be like Drudge.

The polls don't mean a thing this early and swing by wide margins, even from day to day or week to week.

Just a week or so ago, Obama trailed Romney by 7 points, now Obama leads by 3. That's a 10 point swing in about 10 days.

I don't make much out of it and neither should Drudge when the numbers swing in the other direction, temporarily.

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