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Electric Larry

Profile Information

Name: Simon Moon
Gender: Male
Current location: Shouting “theater” in a crowded fire
Member since: Thu May 20, 2004, 04:02 AM
Number of posts: 80,708

About Me

And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds~ Are immune to your consultations; They're quite aware of what they're going through…

Journal Archives

Here, he explains that even though the Fed is scaling back its bond-buying program,

it will never let your spirits down. Once you get it off the street.

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Mon Oct 7, 2013, 04:55 PM (0 replies)

Huell kills em all!

Except badger, who goes to Hollywood with skinny pete to write a science fiction tv show about a high school teacher on pluto who comes down with the venusian flu and starts cooking space meth to pay his robot doctor bills.
Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sun Sep 29, 2013, 08:57 PM (1 replies)

It's like anything else-"Christian" can encompass everything from 'love thy neighbor' to Fred Phelps

I probably shouldn't try on the specifics of "Feminism", for obvious reasons, except to reiterate that I identify as one, and for what I believe are the most broadly, commonly accepted goals and definitions of that label, namely things like reproductive freedom, equal pay, equal rights, etc. I do think there is broad support.

It's a real question, and not so easily answered; are these perceived "pr problems"- are they the fault of reactionary propaganda? Are they the fault of extreme ideological hard-liners inside the movement? Both? Neither?

Let's take environmentalism, since that's probably an easier one for me to opine on without setting off "alarm bells" with some here, and certainly when i self-identify as an environmentalist one would think it wont, at least, trigger a fusillade of eyerolls.

Broadly, one could say environmentalism encompasses wanting to protect the Earth, keep the environment clean. Broad goals which most support. Do the actions of, say, the people who blow up SUV dealerships speak for all "environmentalists"? I dont think they do, but interestingly enough it is those sorts of extremists who are most invested in keeping the label "environmentalist" or real environmentalist, to themselves.

I strongly support action on global warming, but Ive also held that real change is going to come primarily through technological breakthroughs in finding clean ways to power our shit. That's the hail mary pass. Telling people they need to give up their cars- it is just not going to sell, and anyone who claims it is, is deluded. Good, bad, it's just a fact. Maybe that means there is no hope for the planet, but the human animal, I think. Is always going to break in the direction of freedom. Long term.

This is why civil rights has succeeded, why LGBT rights are succeeding. People want to be free, they want to run their own lives, they want to make their own decisions. They simply don't like scolds and authoritarians, much to the perpetual chagrin of the scolds and authoritarians.

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sat Sep 28, 2013, 06:12 PM (1 replies)

Decidedly Un-Wholesome! and Wholly Inappropriate!


Posted by Warren DeMontague | Thu Aug 29, 2013, 02:53 AM (1 replies)

The bottom line is NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHTS AT ALL as long as cops think pot smoking may be involved.

I mean, let's cut to the chase. That's what all these roadside cavity searches in Texas are about. "Got a bag of weeeeeed in there, dontcha"

It's the drug war, and it's been turned into a blank check for Law Enforcement to do whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want.

The woman in the Family Court who was assaulted and the Family Court judge didn't give a shit? She "needed" a "drug search". No reason, she just did. Gotta CHECK FER DRUGZ!

The fundamental conceit of the drug war is that the government owns your body and can tell you what you can or can't do with it. So of course they can probe every inch of it to check for prohibited psycho-alterants.

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Mon Aug 5, 2013, 03:33 PM (2 replies)

To paraphrase the Immortal Dr. Seuss:

"Start a new meta thread. Treat it unkind.
Feed it stale outrage, flamebait and wine
Start a week's worth! A month!
All the old, worn out flack
Then perhaps old missed meta,
and its friends
will come back!"

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sat Aug 3, 2013, 03:15 PM (1 replies)

As a general rule, I don't take advice from anyone whose motto is "I Feel Like Shit and Want To Die"

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Thu Jun 27, 2013, 06:24 PM (2 replies)

I love 'tang.

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sat Jun 15, 2013, 08:14 PM (0 replies)

That's it.

I'm taking "R Jeezy" off my twitter feed.
Posted by Warren DeMontague | Tue May 14, 2013, 07:44 PM (0 replies)

because there's a popular Democratic President on his 2nd Term in the White House

and no blow job for the Republican Party to waste the next 4 years investigating.
Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sun May 12, 2013, 12:17 AM (0 replies)
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