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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 19,396

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Just saw a parade of 6 cars with balloons and happy birthday signs for one

of our neighbors. A couple of women jumped out of their cars and left their presents on the curbs so they did keep their distance. But it was so cool to see them honking car horns and a parade of birthday wishes.

Ok.....loving Jimmy Fallon...he looks so damn natural in his own home.

Other TV hosts, are good, BUT, Jimmy Fallon could do his show from home forever. He IS THE BEST LATE NIGHT HOST ON TV, in this time of trouble. Love him.

Ok, I'm really starting to get very sick of these advertisements from the big

company’s with their soft music, hopeful messaging, and we’re here for you shit. Sorry, I’m still NOT buying what they’re selling. Ugh........ or is it just me??

Anyone watch Conan O'Brien???

I’ve really started enjoying him at his home show.

WTF. Navarro......well, should have known, a tRump ass kisser......

AND he, Navarro is gonna crack down on “the hoarding of medical stuff”. They ALL ARE THE DAMN SWAMP.

So a friend gave me a puzzle to put together, (I washed it off).......it's 1000

pieces. I don’t think I have a table large enough to hold it all!!!!!!!!! First , put the border together right?? It’s been years since I worked on puzzles. Yikes.......

Yippie......my little yellow male birds, finches, are getting their beautiful

summer yellow feathers back. This makes me very happy.

Attention sleepers.......left side, right side, stomach or back......

which way do you sleep and actually which one is the best? I start out on my left side, end up on stomach. And I guess, it’s really to each their own eh??

I knew it.....Rose Garden again....so there will be no distractions of anyone behind him.

Yup, it’s the orange piece of shit show again. Sooooooooooo glad I won’t be watching.

He was very tired off all the folks behind him getting attention with their facial

expressions and body movement.......he NEEDS to be the “main” attraction so we won’t be seeing folks behind him anymore. Updates will be in the Rose garden from now on.
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