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demwing's Journal
demwing's Journal
October 27, 2014

My son told me that he would not vote

He's 19, and a fan of Russell Brand.

His big objections:

He doesn't know enough about the candidates to make a quality decision
He doesn't trust our voting machines
He doesn't think there's much difference between the parties

We went through hours of debate, and my breakthrough moment was this:

Even if you vote wrong, even if your vote is flipped, and even if the parties ARE the same, your inactivity does nothing to change the system, in fact it makes it worse. Somewhere, a statistician is reporting that another 18-25 year old didn't vote, and that adds to the false meme that young voters don't care about election outcomes. When that happens, politicians stop caring about what affects that age group, and they tailor their messages, platforms, and policies to age groups that ARE engaged.

There's nothing wrong with a symbolic vote, when it symbolizes that you give a damn.

We went to the polls Saturday, and early voted in Florida

October 24, 2014

Senate Democrats will exceed expectations

The Doom and Gloomers are wrong. This is not 2010. I'm predicting Dems end up with 50 or 51 seats (we have 45 safe seats).

I see the following hard fought-but-solid-Dem wins:

NC, NH, LA, GA. In all 4, the Dem currently leads, and that gives us 49.

I also see the following possible Dem/IND wins (in diminishing order):

KS, IA, KY, AK. 1 of those 4 gives us 50. 2 secures the deal at 51. If we somehow take all 4 we hold at 53.

NOTES: If Orman wins, I think he'll sit with the Dems. His explanation of why he's running as an Independant (http://www.ormanforsenate.com/independence) reveals that he wants people who are "fiscally responsible and socially tolerant" to have a voice. In essence, he's a Blue Dog.

While I was initially convinced that CO would stay Dem in a squeaker, it seems to have slipped outside of our grasp.

50/51, and that's my story.

October 20, 2014

So, KY has a tight race, a debate, and a candidate with a (contrived) controversy

Why not poll the state? There's so much room for updates with the national polls, and both candidates can afford internal polling. There no reason that multiple polls haven't been run over the last two weeks.

So why not?

October 16, 2014

Official Fans of Charlie Crist Thread

Im BIG a fan!

See? Are you a fan?

For this thread, for this time, show your support for the Charlie Crist, the guy who has the fan power to make Rick Scott run and hide!

October 12, 2014

damn fucking straight!

aand thanks for fucking noticing

October 11, 2014

New FOX Poll has McConnell ahead in Kentucky - but WAIT!

Read the fine print:

"Voters who were registered prior to 2013 yet had not voted in at least one of the last four statewide general elections were excluded from the sample. Respondents who indicated they were unlikely to vote in November were also excluded."


That means no one who is a first time voter was polled. In fact --assuming everyone registers at the age of 18--no one under 20 years old was polled (potentially up to the age of 22 if that person failed to vote in 2012)!

BTW, according to the census from 2010, the 18-21 age group accounts for about 5% of the state's population

More Kentucky voter stats:

There are 1.67 million registered Dems in Kentucky, only 1.21 Million registered Republicans.

Grimes gathered 307,821 votes in the 2014 Dem primary
McConnell took in 213,753 votes in the 2014 Rep primary

402,524 Democrats turned out for the 2014 Senate primary
355,116 Republicans turned out for the 2014 Senate primary

If just the people that voted in the primary for Grimes or McConnell vote the same way in the GE, Grimes walks away with roughly 59% of the vote.

if all the people that voted in the Senate Primary turn out for the GE, Dems will take 53% of the turnout.

And...In case you were afraid Mitch McConnell might rig the vote with his monkey business, check out who is currently listed as the Commonwealth's Chair of the Board of Elections


October 6, 2014

American Witchdoctors

few days ago, FOX Instigator Andrea Tantaros speculated that African Ebola patients may visit witch doctors, instead of legitimate hospitals.


Which made me glad that I live in America, dammit. In America, we're much too well educated to fall for such tripe...


Praise Jesus!

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