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Pluvious's Journal
Pluvious's Journal
November 8, 2023

Powerful emotional live performance cover of RH's "Creep" (PMJ fea. Effie Passero)

She bears her full heart, soul, and what all ever’s left for this small and appreciative audience

November 8, 2023

Yusef Salaam

“Exoneration” is too inadequate a word,
the English language is lacking here
(I’m sure German has the perfect word for it lol)

This picture captures the moment so well…

It’s the Joy of achieved justice,
It’s the exuberance of rewarded persistence,
It’s the manifestation of the indomitable unbreakable human spirit shared by greats like Gandhi, MLK, and Joan of Arc 👍


November 6, 2023

First ever MP3... (can you guess whose song?)

The first ever MP3 was the a cappella version of "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega. Karlheinz Brandenburg, who worked on the MP3 format, used the song as a benchmark to see how the compression algorithm would handle the human voice.

Instrumental music had been easier to compress, but Vega's voice sounded distorted and unnatural in early versions of the format. Brandenburg would end up making hundreds of tweaks to the MP3 compression algorithm to make Vega's voice clearer. He would later even get to meet Suzanne Vega and hear the song performed live.

Ref: Internet Artifacts (neal.fun)
September 13, 2023

Stop Making Sense - Restoration Premiere / reunion (Rolling Stone Interview)

As one of the lucky fans to have experienced one of their live 80’s Hollywood shows, I’m blessed with a treasured once in a lifetime memory.

The original movie was inspired by the magic that original tour was generating, and it had to be captured and made into a film.

And she was.

A film was made which would bring the movie audience to its feet, releasing the Dancing Energy bubbling up like a n uncorked champagne bottle !

“the greatest concert movie of all time“
-Spike Lee

Now, I it’s been 40 years… And the film is being re-released.

Talking Heads Appear Together for the First Time in 21 Years at TIFF

The band talked with Spike Lee at the Toronto International Film Festival about the making of their classic 1984 concert film

The sold-out crowd was here to see what’s truly a mind-blowing 4K restoration, overseen by Harrison and set to be rereleased in theaters by A24 on Sept. 29. But the main attraction was a Q&A moderated by Spike Lee and featuring all four of the Talking Heads, together for the first time in 21 years. “Talking Heads was such a good band,” Frantz said early on, gesturing to the three musicians sitting next to him. “Excuse me for blowing our horn, but I’m so happy to be here with my bandmates.”

August 26, 2023

To DU posters of Twitter pics... A helpful trick to share

I discovered a handy trick that works nicely, and takes very little effort and time.

Objective: Display an image from Twitter (NOT the tweet itself), and include the original link only.

Here is a demonstration:

1. Right-click on image in tweet (iPad select/hold).
Choose option to open the image in your browser app.
Select/copy the pic’s URL.
Remove the “?” And all characters to its right.
Add to the end: .jpg
You now have a link that will render the picture !

2. In the original tweet, click the icon to select and copy the link of the tweet.
Trim off the tracking characters (the ? And junk to its right)
Add this to your post.

You can see all this in my demo post above.

EDIT: Also see post 6 for rendering a X-based tweet now…


March 19, 2023

This incident begs the question...

I was taught the slide rule in 8th grade

I learned how to do long division with a pencil and paper in 6th grade

I learned cursive writing in 1st grade

In HS I was taught how to write a research paper by using the library, index cards with sources of the information and details I discovered.

With changing tools, inevitably comes changing needs of what skills to learn.

Adjustments must follow to what and how we teach our youth.

March 19, 2023

Back during the buildup for our invasion of Iraq...

… I was breakfasting in a cafe, and likely talking too loud.

I was vociferously voicing my objections to my mates about the ongoing drumbeat of arguments (suspected lies) pushing us towards war…

Another table the diners all got up to leave, except one older man turned from their party and came over to my table; glaring daggers at me, he screamed through clinched teeth:


…and stalked off.

Leaving a suddenly silent restaurant behind.

January 17, 2023

Great reply, my gonzo friend... A few more...

( as a regular reader of Reddit, I need to keep up heh )

AFAIK - As Far As I Know
BTW - By The Way
ELI5 - Explain Like I'm Five (years old)
FTW - For The Win (awesome achievement)
GFY - Go Fuk Yourself
GTFO - Get The Fuk Out (of here)
ICYMI - In Case You Missed It
IDK / IDNKT - I Don't Know / I Did Not Know That
IHML - I Hate My Life (one who still lives with his mama)
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IKR - I Know Right! (affirming agreement)
IMHO - (or IMO) In My Humble Opinion
JFYI / FYI - Just For Your Information
LYK - Let You Know
TBH - To Be Honest
TIL - Today I Learned (also a popular subreddit)
YOLO - You Only Live Once (like investing into a meme stock like a fool)

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