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Third hit on my google search brought up Rousseau's Second Discourse as posted by Fordham U.

Here ya go: Modern History Sourcebook: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Discourse on Inequality, No 2. The year is irrelevant; Michael Servetis discovered the human circulatory system in the 1540's, but that doesn't mean it's not applicable to humans today.

A little more digging finds this link to a pdf. from Oxford Journals that reports on the adverse effect of clozapine (cited in the ninth and tenth paragraph of the original article): http://schizophreniabulletin.oxfordjournals.org/content/24/3/381.full.pdf. I found this in less than 10 minutes with very little background in medical research.

The idea that all articles have to be indexed is ridiculous. TIME doesn't source it's articles, nor does the NY Times or any other mainstream publications. Does that mean everything they publish is rubbish? Of course not. If you find reason to be skeptical, by all means research it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. But one shouldn't dismiss it out of hand just because all the information isn't served to you on a plate.


Everything is open to debate in a free and open democracy. If you seek to limit debate among even people who support Obama's goals (if not his ways to reach them), you are advocating behavior no better than lock-stepping Republicans.

We succeeded in impeaching Nixon, that's what got the modern Repuke party's panties in a twist.

And while I agree with O'Donnell that liberals were responsible for the list he's outlined here, to say Republicans objected to extending voting rights, ending segregation, passing civil rights, etc., is disingenuous. There were plenty of Southern Democrats who opposed these measures. It would be more appropriate to say that these measures were opposed by conservatives because parties morph over time. Lincoln - a Republican - ended slavery, after all.

There are parables that suggest the poor are, indeed, entitled to a better lot.

Jesus consistently sided with the poor, they are the chosen ones illustrating his parables. Consider Luke 18:2-8, the parable of the unjust judge who hears the pleas of the widow to help her against one who is persecuting her.

There's Matthew 20:1-16 which advocates fair wages for laborers.

Most damning to your argument is Matthew 25:31-46 in which he admonishes those who did not feed the hungry, house the homeless, or clothe those who needed clothes - for free, since he does not mention the poor needing to pay for these services.

As for Jesus being celibate, we don't know that, particularly if looking at the extant gnostic gospels. Mary was not only Jesus' especially close confidant, some of the other disciples were jealous of their closeness. In particular, the Gospel of Philip refers to Mary Magdalene as the koinônos (Greek variously translated as companion, partner, confidant) of Jesus, going so far as to note that Jesus used to kiss her often on the lips. (See http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gop.html, about half way down the page.)

Reading Franklin's autobiography now.

He would hardly have considered himself a self-made man. He spends a lot of time crediting other people with giving him opportunities to excel in his endeavors, including lending him money and doing him favors.

Douglass had help escaping from slavery from other free blacks and white abolitionists who lent him money, provided free transportation, and harbored him.

Clay got his early start in law - for which he never went to school - through job arranged for him by a prominent Virginia lawyer who took a shine to him.

None of these examples are self-made men.

Looking for a graphic someone posted yesterday as a response in a thread about ACA.

It was set up like a flow chart. Had something about exemptions for low income people. Anyone have any idea what graphic I'm thinking of? I tried to recall its salient points to my boyfriend but got tangled up in details half-remembered.

Thanks in advance!

My response to my fundie cousin's fb petition to repeal ACA:

It will save the country money and contribute to the public health. You won't be paying to bail out hospitals because poor people wait until they're desperate to go to a doctor and the only doctor available is at an emergency room. Also, less chance of epidemics spreading because again, poor people will get preventative healthcare (less expensive than emergency care) before infecting everyone with their illness. All other first world countries offer socialized healthcare, this isn't even socialized - it's paying into the private sector. As such, it will create more jobs in the private sector. Final point I'd like to make: this makes our country more Christian since Christ was big on giving comfort to the poor and healing the sick.

Listening for her head to explode and post to be deleted in 3... 2... 1...

How much are you paying for gas?

I just drove from Colorado to Michigan to Massachusetts and back again. Gas prices ranged from $3.21 (Missouri) to $3.89 (Colorado). Both Mass and Michigan averaged around $3.60. I'm paying $3.60 in my corner of Colorado, but that's at an independent station with lower than average local prices most of the time.

So just as a point of interest - what are you paying, and where?

I agree the dispatcher should have been more precise in her wording.

However, having lived in the Deep South, I know that people habitually talk in a much more nuanced manner. "You don't need to do that" is a pleasant way of saying "Don't do that." I believe that was the dispatcher's meaning within the context of their conversation.

Still, I think this dispatcher needs some training in ethnocentric power structures and learn ways to overcome her linguistic culture in the course of her work.

Humanities are useless.

Art and philosophy are useless. Music is useless.

My god, what a dull, colorless one-dimensional world you must live in. The emphasis on science and math is exactly what conservatives drone and what has decimated our public education system. There aren't jobs in the humanities because there's been a concentrated effort by conservatives to erase such curriculum from our schools. There's a reason why intellectuals and artists are among the first people targeted for eradication by oppressive regimes. We are the first to question authority, and we encourage others to do so, too.
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