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longship's Journal
longship's Journal
December 22, 2012

DU GD is still gungeon. Gonna take a break here.

Guns, guns, guns.

I care, but I am sick of all the chair throwing about things reasonable people can both disagree and rationally discuss. Apparently, from the evidence of the last few days, I am wrong.

The DU community is, on some topics, unable to have reasoned discussion.

My bandwidth is near max and it just isn't worth the cost to return here to see the Gungeon mayhem raised to GD yet again.

We all know where we stand. We will all take the action for which we stand. Now is the time for action, not DU chair throwing. Do what you see is necessary -- as will I.

But I do not have bandwidth this month only to throw more chairs. That isn't my DU. I hope it isn't yours either.

See you all next year, when my bandwidth resets. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all. I will miss you dearly the next couple of weeks. But, it isn't worth the cost to ignore all the gun threads. I think we've seen all too many of them already this past few days. Bless you all.

Nota bene: I will likely not come back to respond too many times before New Years. But I would gladly like to see others support this thread. If you want to throw chairs, I will ignore it.


November 23, 2012

Black Friday even happens in the Manistee National Forest.

I went to my neighborhood country store this evening to get martini fixens, and a burger and curly fries -- a six mile drive each way, the closest commercial venture to my house. It is owned by a dear family friend who has a kind heart and continued to run this wonderful little store when her husband of many years died suddenly several years ago. My friend even stood up for me and my wife at our wedding. Sadly, after a decade, that marriage failed. But my endearing friendship with my wife and the store owner continues.

When I arrived this evening I noticed that the glass in the front door was plywood. Some asshats had busted into the store late last night and burgled the place.

My friend was still distraught this evening, but she was still there, doing her job. She said that she's insured, but she's lost her deductible, obviously not a small amount.

There are many people in this rural area who depend on this little store for basic needs, and during the warm months, ice cream cones with the locally made, and very yummy, Husonville ice cream. During the current hunting season the hunters go there for their needs, too.

But now Maxine and her staff have to worry about their livelihood, all because of jerks who think Thanksgiving is for taking what the want.

We see the same in the mobs at Walmarts and other shopping venues across the country. People hurt and actually shot -- indeed, we need more firearm carry rights!! -- all in the name of a bargain over a cell phone, or some sort, as has been reported here at DU.

I make no distinction between either of these people. They are all equally to be reviled and condemned!

Thanksgiving is about friends and family get-togethers. For camaraderie and love. I include DU as part of my family. I do love you all, too.

The things that have happened the last 24 hours disgust me. That it has effected me so personally is doubly dispicible.

I now wish I had gone into town today to picket at the local Walmart. At one time it was the only grocer in a town of some 10,000+ people, the three other major grocers being driven away by the dispicible Waltons. Now we have a second grocer, Meiers, another Walmart look alike -- and they are right next door to one another, like Bobsie Twins.

I prefer to shop at my little country store for my small daily needs, even though I pay a little more and I may have to settle for beans and Spam for dinner. Alternatively, I can get a decent home-cooked take-out, albeit a simple one.

My only other comment is:

My god! What have we done?

November 7, 2012

We dood it!

This is a great victory!

November 7, 2012

They're gonna steal it!

When you have the populace behind you, nobody can steal it.

I love America. It still works.

October 26, 2012

Detroit reliefer cannot pitch a strike.

So why does manager leave him in.

Loads bases. Gets out of it with only one run. But pitches only one strike the entire inning. Now the next inning, he walks the first batter.

Pull the bum!

Mayo Smith would have pulled him last inning.

October 12, 2012

"You talkin' to me?"

'nuf said?

Nota bene: On edit: the video clip was over the top for DU SOP. So I detract it.

Movie allusion.

October 4, 2012

He's losing it.

Interrupting!! Trying to monopolize.

Now he's going to cut out PBS!!! Big Bird! Killed by President Romney!!

October 4, 2012

First zinger: Trickle down government!

It is newspeak, twisting TDE against Dems.

Very Orwellian.

September 26, 2012

Please! When you post about a candidate, include their Web site.

I see many threads on DU advocating for a candidate. That's good!

But I see few of them including a link to the candidate's Web site. That's not good. If you care enough about a candidate to post a new thread, at least show the very generous DUers where they can go to help out.

I, with my very low bandwidth, am always adding campaign URLs to threads which should have included them in the OP.

All candidate advocacy threads should include the following:

If you want to help <candidate> here's their Web site <URL>

Please, just take the time to do this. Make it easy for everybody, even those of us with dialup bandwidth.

on edit: Most important are the House races. If we are going to take back the House, we will have to coagulate our defecation (get our shit together). Never, ever post a thread about a Dem Congress candidate without a link to their Web site.

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