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longship's Journal
longship's Journal
March 29, 2016

Ask the Hillary Clinton group.

That is if you haven't been banned. It is becoming a badge of honor to be banned from there.

I did not think so until I was banned and the banning message invited a PM which I sent and was ignored.

No wonder the candidate groups, especially the Hillary Clinton group have so many DUers banned. They don't care.

The candidate groups serve absolutely no purpose but to divide us. It is on that basis that I recommend that they be disbanded immediately.

United we stand; divided we fail. And as anybody here knows, there is no uniting with the candidate groups. They are universally petulant children who even the least bit of outreach across the aisle results in the boom being lowered. And no discussion about ones intent is allowed.

The candidate groups divide us. I don't know how we'll win in November like this. Especially the Hillary Clinton group which seems to have a nuclear bomb of banning. I tried to get along there. It didn't do any good. That the hosts won't even respond to my pleas attests to their ideological steel walls. And then they are fixated on BernieBros, and Jane abuse, and complaining about Bernie or Bust. Well, they banned a Hillary ally who supports Bernie.

Good work, Hillary group. If -- and I DO mean if -- Hillary gets the nod, don't you all wring your hands when you have a hard time getting the BernieBros, Jane abusers, non-black voters, etc. (all of which have been hideously used against us) to go to the polls and pull the Hillary lever.

I will. But don't cry to me if many won't.

You made this bed. You sleep in it.

As soon as the nominee is confirmed at the convention, GD.P and all the candidate groups should be killed. I would vote now. We unite or we lose. And the TOS should be enforced.

February 8, 2016

Absolutely love TTCI!

You are doing a great job here, far more than is required.

Have a Valentine heart, my good friend!

You have well earned it.

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