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Member since: Sat Aug 21, 2004, 06:17 PM
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Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada. She needs ONE.

For the sake of argument, I've given all red-leaning tossups to the GOP sexual predator, and left all blue-leaning tossups blank. Assuming Hillary's "firewall" holds, she has 268 EVs in the bag.

She only needs one more state. One out of four.

And last I checked, all four were looking pretty good.

Polls in Florida close at 7pm EST. In North Carolina, 7:30 EST. In New Hampshire it varies by location, but generally 7pm EST. In Nevada, 10pm EST or 7pm PST (except for West Wendover which is in MST because sometimes people are weird).

Basically, if New Hampshire is as good as it looks, and if it's called right away, and if there are no apparent holes in the firewall, we might know by 7pm EST that Hillary is the President-elect. That's 32 hours from now.

Fingers crossed.
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