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Chicago Waitress Spits On Eric Trump, No Free Cheese Plate In Sight

Blanket Disclaimer: Spitting on anybody is dead wrong. Even if it's a Trump.

Still, Eric Trump got to eat a tiny slice of the shit pie women, minorities, poors, disabled, and all of the other people who are deemed "takers" or who come from "shithole countries" experience at some point in their lives: He got spit on. By a woman, according to Breitbart (no link), because we are evil. Woe unto the wealthy white man! Wealthy white men are some of the most abused and marginalized people in the Universe, according to wealthy white men, and Eric Trump is no exception. Please cry for wealthy white men, ok you can stop now. Another group of Americans that are constantly abused, marginalized, and even denied their rights by the very same type of wealthy men that spawn such men as Eric Trump, are called "women." And apparently we are mean as fuck now.

From the Daily Beast:

President Donald Trump's son Eric says he was spit on by an employee at the Aviary, a cocktail bar in Chicago, on Tuesday night. The employee was taken into Secret Service custody but was later released.

First of all?

Y'all need to stop fucking laughing at this shit and grow the fuck up, okay, we are supposed to empathize with his Beavis looking ass corny dork-mouthed self. Can't take y'all nowhere, such bad manners.

Second, why the fuck was he out at a cocktail bar on a Tuesday night? Loser. It's cool, it's his business if he wants to prowl around looking to get spit on, but I choose to treat men who get themselves in spitty situations exactly like men treat female rape victims who report their assaults. I don't know what he was wearing to invite such attention, maybe he went in full MAGA regalia and the woman couldn't stop herself from "moving on him like a bitch" because she has poor role models? How much did he drink? How many sex partners has he had? Ew, Eric Trump sex partners

"It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems," Trump told Breitbart News. "For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we're winning."
LOCKER ROOM TALK!!! We don't know anything about this woman who was clearly just joshin', hanging out with the homies, sure, maybe she misread the signals a bit and thought he was inviting her to engage in a bit of spittery, maybe she's just an abusive asshole. We do not know. Also, "Winning"? Somehow I doubt you're using that word properly. Not to be a fucking party pooper, but your lame ass Pappy is openly and willfully obstructing justice as we speak, and that's actually not a winning play, ask your Uncle Dick. Or, Google him because he is dead.

And please tell us who this Democrat is that preaches about the tolerance of Dems to the Trump Family? Whoever they are they obviously lied to you. We don't even tolerate each other in the Democratic Party, why the hell would we tolerate your gump ass? As far as civility is concerned, it's not civil to lock babies in prison camps or cages, or allow them to drown to death in the name of gentrification of our racial demographics.


The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses

You are at your daughter’s recital and you get a call that your elderly patient’s son needs to talk to you urgently. A colleague has a family emergency and the hospital needs you to work a double shift. Your patient’s M.R.I. isn’t covered and the only option is for you to call the insurance company and argue it out. You’re only allotted 15 minutes for a visit, but your patient’s medical needs require 45.

These quandaries are standard issue for doctors and nurses. Luckily, the response is usually standard issue as well: An overwhelming majority do the right thing for their patients, even at a high personal cost.

It is true that health care has become corporatized to an almost unrecognizable degree. But it is also true that most clinicians remain committed to the ethics that brought them into the field in the first place. This makes the hospital an inspiring place to work.

Increasingly, though, I’ve come to the uncomfortable realization that this ethic that I hold so dear is being cynically manipulated. By now, corporate medicine has milked just about all the “efficiency” it can out of the system. With mergers and streamlining, it has pushed the productivity numbers about as far as they can go. But one resource that seems endless — and free — is the professional ethic of medical staff members.


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019-from motorcycle.com

Can’t quite figure out if they’re kidding or not— I mean they KNOW who rides. Jesus take the wheel. A hard riding kinda conservative friend of mine brought this to my attention. She’s super pissed

Whether you believe the Motorcycle Industry Council’s recent claim that the ladies now comprise 19% of the motorcycle-riding population in the US, it’s as plain as the pert, upturned nose on your pretty little face that there are a lot more women out there riding, thank God. And some of them are moms. One of them may be your mom. If that proves to be the case, get off your procrastinating bottom right now and get her something nice for Mother’s Day. It’s almost here.

Due to their child-bearing and rearing capabilities, the ladies tend to have a different shape than the male of the species, and Dainese has just recognized this fact by making its D-Air gear to fit the feminine form.The D-Air system, as you know, is a complex electro-gasbageous deal that senses when Mom is about to go for an unplanned flight and inflates just in time to save the day – or at least the upper half of her body. This one’s made of high quality Tutu cowhide, with perforated panels for airflow and stretch panels for a great fit and freedom of movement. And it’s stylish as all get-out.

Labor-saving devices that allow your mother to clean your, ahhh, I mean her motorcycle quicker, and all those other domestic things she loves to do in her spare time, are always a hit. The Hog Blaster blows a stream of dry, filtered 18,000 fpm air into all those hard-to-reach areas, cutting drying time significantly, while doing away with streaks, runs and errors. Hell yes.

“Your mother wears army boots,” used to be insulting. Now it’s kind of titillating, really. It can be a hard pill to swallow, but just because she’s your mom doesn’t mean she’s not hot. The rest of us will be the judge of that, and boots like these – for Moms whose legs go all the way up – will help drive the algorithm.These hogkickers are made by Wolverine, and feature a breathable HydroGuard waterproof membrane lining, rubber outsole, a YKK locking inside zipper and PORON ankle protection. No, not PORNO, PORON.


My daughter married a Men's Rights Activist

Hilarious title, in actuality not so fun. My youngest daughter, my free spirit who traveled all over the country selling items at fairs, at markets, at concerts. My blunt one, with the most forgiving heart imaginable, met a guy. A musician, a guitarist in a cover band. She now says she was partying too hard to see the warning signs. We saw them, but we are experienced parents and we don’t belabor the obvious. We only warn.

They got married, she got pregnant and from the time she was first pregnant this motherfucker tried to control the scenario. Threw a fit when she suggested an abortion because it was “his baby” when the baby was born, did the minimal amount he could to parent. Let her support him, spend food money on pot, and was a general all purpose piece of shit. I won’t go into too much detail.

They lived by us and we could monitor the situation, until about 6 months ago, and while we thought the marriage had no chance, my daughter was all about stability and family and thought she could make it happen. Then he isolated her, lived by HIS parents and became increasingly emotionally, mentally and even physically abusive.

She got out. We helped her, and the story is still being written, but she landed on her feet and just won a major court victory.

So, where does the MRA stuff come in? Turns out my soon to be ex-son-in-law is a huge fan of THIS motherfucker:

A Voice For Men
Molyneux was a panelist at a 2014 Detroit conference held by the men's rights movement and manosphere organization, A Voice for Men. According to Jessica Roy of Time magazine, Molyneux argued that violence in the world is the result of how women treat their children, and that "If we could just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, ... Almost all would be completely eliminated, because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women."[23]

So man, I have to tell, while this SIL asshole was hitting all the boxes, starting with his “libertarian” politics, to his anti-public school stance (he thought he could home school my granddaughter when he is barely employable) I knew, just KNEW there was some MRA bullshit in their somewhere, but it wasn’t confirmed until my daughter told me who he constantly listened to on Podcasts. Of all the disgusting MRA fuckers, it had to be Molyneux. Ugh. UGH.

She’s out, right now she’s safe, baby is safe.

That’s as close as I EVER want to get to one of those people.

Kamala Harris wants Dreamers to work in Congress

(it’s politico, not my favorite source, but I’m glad to see Kamala come our swinging for immigrants)

Kamala Harris is going all in on immigration reform.

On Wednesday, the 2020 contender will introduce legislation with Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-Nev.) that would make Dreamers eligible to work as staffers or interns in Congress. It’s the latest move by the California Democrat to seize on an issue that her rival Beto O’Rourke has made his calling card — and to advocate for a Democratic constituency that’s often reduced to a congressional bargaining chip.

Harris’ proposal, which would lift what immigrant-rights supporters consider to be a mean-spirited ban on Dreamers working in Congress, comes after Harris traveled to Latino-heavy Nevada this week for her second visit there as a presidential candidate. She also went to Texas recently, in part to build support among Latino voters.

For Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India whose campaign has distributed headsets at rallies to translate her speeches into Spanish, the southwestern sojourns are also an attempt to blunt O’Rourke, a fluent Spanish speaker who has gone toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump’s relentless focus on immigration has given Democrats an early opening to try to distinguish themselves beyond the usual support for a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, individuals who are undocumented and arrived to the United States as children. Julián Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, on Tuesday outlined his own plan for immigration reform, which his campaign described as “first-in-the-field.” In addition to creating a pathway to citizenship, his plan also would reform immigration enforcem


I was raised by racists

Raised to think that black people were inferior. Raised to think that there are “good” black people and there are “finger-popping N******”. My Dad, a big Swede who worked hard, worked along side of black men when he was a what used to be called “Garbage man” picking up curbside trash, altered his racism that much. He used to tell a story of how I hid behind his leg the first time I saw a black man, and roar with laughter. His racism altered with age, as did my mothers but never went away. My maternal grandmother never altered her racism one iota, calling a child of a friend of mine “a repulsive pickininny” I was in my 20’s by then

Anyway When compulsory busing started in the 70’s, I was exposed to black kids, and truth to tell, we rarely mixed, but one wonderful thing happened, I was required to take Black history. So books about Harriet Tubman and the Underground railroad and Sojourner Truth, the book “Black like Me”, I was precocious,reading all kinds of books on ethnicy and racism In middle school, books readily available

So began my education, and it continues to this day. I don’t know when the last time I used the N word as an epithet was, decades ago, but I do know by the 80’s I knew Blackface was not funny or cool. It was not something I ever would have done. To deliberately CHOOSE to mock a black person. I knew people who remained racist, but I had friends of different races by then. I began to choose my friends with more care, and this despite the fact by the time I was 30 I had experienced many things, drug addiction, homelessness, extreme poverty. But I still knew mocking other races was wrong.

I don’t understand people very well, or maybe I understand them too well, I dunno. Racism exists everywhere and and it is MY responsibility as a white person to call it out and condemn it. I don’t forgive it, because it’s not my responsibility to forgive it. I’m not a target of racism, I never was. And trust me, I spent time in more than one situation being the only “white girl” but, at the end of the day, I could always go back to white spaces and blend in. It didn’t matter.

Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who's Dead

We never talk about our complicity. How, in some ways, we’re glad the horror was perpetrated by someone with some influence and some money. Our children, then, have a more practical, material use: as meal tickets rather than as lights. Isn’t that why we still attend services even after we know that our churches conspire to rape our children on a mass scale — become rape factories draped in religious symbols and dogma — and cover it up?
Isn’t that what Corey Feldman told us? That his parents knew he was being raped by wealthy heads of studios and his parents told him to endure it for the money, and the millions would be their own cure?
R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old, stalked middle school playgrounds for “fresh meat,” and peed on the face of a girl who still wore pigtails and barrettes — and had the gall to record it. And yet, we went down to the courthouse, proud for no reason, with signs held high above our heads that read: “R. Kelly is innocent!” not knowing that also written on those signs, in invisible ink, was the postscript: “But we ain’t!”
I guess this is how it works in churches, too. We’re good with the pastor fucking our children as long as he wines and dines them first; shows them the same “favor” Jehovah showed a little girl named Mary; grooms them for who knows what, unloading puddles onto them and into them, before discarding them for the next, younger, fresher batch.
Then, when we look into the eyes of those children and the shine is gone, we pretend it was never there to begin with; that they were born with that dullness and the dullness is a good thing because now nothing they endure can tarnish them any further. You cannot debase the already debased. And this is our gift to them.

In this country, we love ovum and sperm. We love zygotes and embryos. We even love fetuses. But we do not — no, we absolutely do not — love children.


Inslee proposes 'public option' health-insurance plan for Washington State

The proposal is geared in part to help stabilize the exchange, which has wrestled with double-digit premium increases and attempts by Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Democratic officials this election season talked often about health-care issues, including the expansion of health coverage or making it more affordable. The proposed legislation comes as Inslee seeks to raise his profile as he considers a 2020 presidential bid.

The proposal would have the state Health Care Authority contract with at least one health-insurance carrier to offer qualified health coverage on the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, according to a summary of the proposal.

The plan would be designed with transparent and consistent deductibles, copays and coinsurance, according to the summary, and would “compete on premium price, provider networks, customer service, and quality.”

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