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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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My daughter married a MRA part deux,

Well you all, (is this thing on?) it’s been quite the ride. My soon to be ex-SIL, the MRA having been so unprepared and inappropriate in court, had several things to do to move forward with a parenting plan. Instead, he fucked around, and despite the love of loves he professes for his daughter, has not satisfied the court. So now he’s a victim, well, he always was, in his eyes, but my daughter brought my attention to this Facebook post, upon he says “I know what I’m going through” in response to a comment saying “not to believe every you hear”.

This is the YouTube post

I’ll save you the google search, The woman is a RW anti-feminist, anti immigration piece of shit. “Proud deplorable” whatevs. She’s Australian

My daughter, who really need to stay off his Facebook page is distraught because he’s calling her a liar. She has PTSD, has developed anxiety and is still terrified of this guy, who kinda comes across like a slightly stupid stoner. Almost gentle. There is about him, however, a creepiness that he can’t hide, so people tend to not like him or believe him. Maybe because he’s now 45 and now living in his parents garage, but I digress. My daughter begs me to respond, because I’m a Momma bear and she knows this. I reluctantly send this

So when my daughter, the most independent minded of all my children, including the ones that spent time in the military came running home to us, terrified and crying with her baby with stories of abuse she was lying? Is that what you are asking us to believe?

After we witnessed you so impaired you couldn’t stand, after our daughter begged us for 30 dollars for food because you spent your household money on pot? Or how I had to hear horror stories about your gaslighting, Or how she had to almost take you by the hand to get your drivers license reinstated at what, 43 years old? It To make sure you drove with insurance? After she explained your work history? I’m supposed to think she’s LYING?

All you need to to is step up. Face yourself and quit trying to be a victim Get a job. Get a place to live that’s safe. Don’t use drugs excessively. Be an adult. That’s it. That’s all. Bare minimum requirements of adulting.

We are waiting. You are a grown man. Act like one.

Which he immediately, and I mean with a quickness, deleted. I lulzd.

While the court action has stalled, and soon-to-be-ex SIL is playing MRA victim, my daughter has moved on. She reconnected with a childhood sweetheart, whom, just like a romance novel, has loved her for years. He has an education. He has an exceptional job. He is gentle with her and my granddaughter. He is moving slow, giving them time. When I see what she had waiting in the wings compared to to the Most Useless Person I have ever met, my brain scream WHY...

Who knows why we make relationship mistakes. I know the MRA pretended to be something he wasn’t, and my daughter, who tends to accept people just as they present themselves, never thought he was misrepresenting himself. A rough lesson to learn. I love the openness of my daughter, I get angry when I think someone took advantage of it..

And here we are. MRA’s live in a psychological anus, covered with diseased shit that can’t even be used as fertilizer. The whole “philosophy” does nothing but cause harm. And all the petty little offshoots, Neckbeards, incels, Nice guys—all names for misogyny. That’s it. It manifests in different ways, but hatred of women is what drives them

Kamala Harris: "Fierce Prosecutor" vs the "Progressive Activist" & Lara Bazelon's Big Fail

But as I set out to do the real work, I quickly found myself researching Tulsi Gabbard: that culminated in my last piece, “Tulsi Gabbard Looks More and More Like a Troll With a Glass Jaw.” And dear god, was that a whacky ride down the rabbit hole. She is not a very interesting person, but she certainly does what she can to attract attention where there is not much substance. Gabbard somehow manages to be utterly transparent and dissembling at the same time, making her appear to me, at least, to be a hot disingenuous mess.

“In her career, Ms. Harris did not barter or trade to get the support of more conservative law-and-order types; she gave it all away.” ~ Lara Bazelon, The New York Times

So recently, as I hear all the truncated criticism of Harris piled on and conflated by opponents, I have been driven to look closer, and oh, what I’ve found. I want to start with one person in particular: Lara Bazelon of The New York Times. Her bio says she is a law professor and the former director of the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent in Los Angeles and she authored the January 17, 2019 article, “Kamala Harris Was Not a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’” for the NYT. I pulled up so many pieces on various aspects of the candidate’s record in California; time and time again, Lara Bazelon is the first reference, the place from which every other liberal “journalist” described as their baseline line for information. Obviously, I had to check out that article.

To say that I was dumbfounded is putting it politely: Bazelon’s article is so critically lacking in anything more than cursory research, so lacking in any nuanced, fact based analysis or even necessarily complex narratives, that I could have written this superficial hit piece in the seventh grade. A whole litany of California papers — The Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee, SFGate, even Vox, Politico and fucking Wikipedia — provided a more thorough, circumspect view of Kamala Harris’s prosecutorial past. So while Bazelon was writing to a base already sharing her own narrow liberal lens on criminal justice, it is incomprehensible to me that she is any excuse for an arbiter of candidate Harris’s political character. So, Ms. Bazelon, let’s try this again.

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