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Gender: Do not display
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 23,217

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On our the southern VA coast we have

An assortment of deer, squirrels, wild turkey, raccoons, bunnies, fox -- all of which I've seen on our lawn and in our wooded back lot in one day. Our neighborhood has officially been designated a wildlife and bird sanctuary. There are also all kinds of birds here including an assortment of owls, eagles, hawks, ducks, swans, geese, pheasants, and dozens of smaller colorful beauties. We're on a bird migration path which attracts bird watchers and wildlife photographers who visit with their binoculars and cameras.

We also welcome black snakes which help to *somewhat* keep the horrible water moccasins under control. I hate those moccasin and wish there were a way to totally eradicate them. They're here because at the back of our property is a small ~30 acre lake which flows over a small 20' dam into the York River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

Last week I was taking our 2 Labs on a late night walk when my big girl began sniffing in the roadside ditch near our house. I scanned the pile with my flashlight beam to see what she was so interested in. It turned into a terrifying close encounter. Apparently the moccasins must have been just coming out of hibernate and thankfully it was still cool enough to slow the snake's motion because one of those unmistakably fat , scary snakes stuck at Missy just as my light beam's was on it. She jumped away as I screamed so loudly that I must've awakened neighbors. I hate that our wonderful wildlife menagerie comes with those very dangerous moccasins.

"Christians...can't accept that atheists can be moral."

Bingo! This is what my 92yo mother thinks. And she knows I'm an atheist. She actually stated this to my brother recently who told me. (Folks lose filters as dementia progresses.)

I laughed.

Her statement didn't hurt my feelings in the least since mom and I have been estranged for decades over ever subject you can imagine and I already knew she felt this way. As is typical of all RWNJ's, her compassion extends only to those identical to her in most every way.

I'm going to hell.

+ He wants to be the billionaire he claims to be.

He a fraud who even fooled Forbes - yet Google is still reporting Forbes' evaluation of trump wealth as truth!!


And here:
Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400.
Washington Post 2018/04/20

Trump equates wealth with status and value as a person, as it seems most Americans also do. So the public's perception of his wealth is most important to him. In reality he is a most shallow, vacuous, psychopathic dumbass who desperately needs validation to fill his empty soul.

Brilliant - big K&R

The arrogance of ignorance on full display is doubly sad when it's a numb black man happily rolling around in his personal wealth.

West should visit the new "National Memorial for Peace and Justice," better known as the Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama.

But West is sickening and I doubt he'll find or even seek any motivation to redeem himself.

Thanks for posting this Coates article, OneGrassRoot.


Perhaps this tactic could be used to get the evangelicals behind ending King Cheetos' reign. It would advance their agenda, would it not, if Pence mounted the throne?

Please CMIIW, but doesn't Mueller's office also have enough dirt on Pence to remove him too?

My heart goes out to you and your older baby.

I cried reading your post because I've been in your shoes. Wish I could give you definitive advice.

I kept my 17yo girl alive 6wks after I should have helped her go, when her quality of life was probably worse than your girl's. But who's to say if I was being too selfish.

Your girl is still purring - that's something. Take it day by day. You'll get a sense when she's in constant pain and any intervention is very temporary.

A little dark humor, hope it's not too inappropriate...remember...day by day. You'll know when she's suffering too much.

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