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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
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We got as far as the North York Moors.

After spending a lot of time in the city of York (what a surprising city it was too), we spent the night at a farmhouse bed & breakfast somewhere near the Moors. Night caught us driving around on those scary, steep cliffs!

Anyone who travels to the north of England should take time to visit the hugely large & impressive York Cathedral. This atheist was impressed by the architecture.

The serious: Dances with Wolves

The hilarious: Blazing Saddles

You're most welcome.

Both he and his kitty are so likeable.

In one video he found a sick stray little pup & off they went to a local vet. He paid for puppy's treatment & located a shelter to take it in.

Such a kind person!
(He's my son's age who, coincidentally, backpacked Scotland for 11days last summer.)

Guy Biking Across the World Picks Up a Stray Kitty

For months now I've been totally hooked on this Scottish guy's "cycling the globe" channel.

Along the way, he found & adopted the cutest stray kitten who turns into quite a traveling buddy. Dean has a whole channel of his travel videos. An example...

His website: https://1bike1world.com

Edit to include this info:

Hi All, Iím Dean! On the 1st September 2018 I left Dunbar, Scotland with the ambition to cycle the world. 3 months and 9 countries later I was coming up to the Bosnia-Montenegro border when I heard a little kitten meowing her heart out, chasing me trying to get my attention. We were 12 miles from the nearest town, and it was soon clear by her friendly nature and desperate hunger her owner had intentionally dumped her.

Over the next coming days the kitten and I grew closer, It was clear she had lioness traits, with her feisty and loving personality and so it was Nala was to be her name. Following a trip to the vet I finally became her owner as she had previously not been registered. From then on it was set, Nala was to be my new travel companion, riding up front with the world ahead of her.


Follow him on YouTube. Best video travel blog ever!

Dean & Kitty Nala


Organized religion & true spirituality are entirely unrelated. One is fabricated folklore* - contrived to control; the other is found within.

So, good for YOU!

* Not that I'm dissing everything in written scriptures, just the premise. Any that tells us to "love one another" is good - the rest is garbage. Notice everything in religious scripture is "commandments" - there's not a "how-to."


Proving that ppl in this business are essentially heartless.

I'll echo MLAA...


Kitties vs foxes

Size is all that matters in this equation, all critter experts say.

We have semi-tame little cat-sized Gray Foxes (under 6lbs & look more like the tiny "Island foxes" ) in our neighborhood. Cute as can be. They avoid the local big kitties who some neighbors let out to hunt .

Our little Grays look like this...

I've lived in a "haunted" house.

And I'm an old, hard-core, non-believing atheist too.

All my family witnessed inexplicable things in that house.
I named our "ghost" Charlie and talked to "him", which helped me abandon all my fears. There is inexplicable, weird stuff happening but it doesn't push me to believe in an afterlife, as badly as I'd like to give up my objective reasoning and do so.

Extremely dangerous times..."strict presidential control...

"Strict presidential control of govt. data" includes control of CoVid data now.

Michael Caputo, tRump's new HHS Director, is now in control of all CoVid data! His other jobs: (from Wikipedia):

Reagan Administration adviser
George H.W. Bush campaign adviser
Carl Paladino campaign manager
Boris Yeltsin adviser
Vladimir Putin media consultant
Donald Trump campaign adviser


Fat Donny is getting pointers directly from Vlad.

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