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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Sick! "The 'ugly' reality of child marriage in the U.S."

From CBS News last year:
"In a survey of marriage licenses compiled by Unchained At Last, at least 167,000 children under 18 were married in the U.S. between 2000 and 2010. (That number is likely on the conservative side, as Unchained At Last could obtain age data from only 38 U.S. states.)

The vast majority of those children were girls married off to adult men, Reiss said."

Read whole article, please:

Then see the chart on Wikipedia on
"Age of marriage in the United States."
The exceptions, my gawd!

And this shit is supported by "good christian" folk! All Hump45 voters, I'm sure.

Sophie girl! You're giving Labs a bad name, honey.

Sorry about that.

Our huge 120lb blonde never chews paper unless we give her the "go" cue. Her fav chew toys are boxes! But only after she gets the cue.

Worse thing she ever did was to swipe a small steak knife off the counter and chew the plastic handle up.
Happened only once. Thank goodness she is so shameable. Afterwards, she looked like one of those poor pups in the YouTube videos who've been caught doing something bad.

She's been an angel ever since.
She was one of MiniMe's rescue puppies almost 3 yrs ago.
Isn't DU great?! We find fur babies and human friends.

Woof woof. Be good, Soph. 💞

An accurate and terrifying metaphor.

This temperature acceleration is so alarming.

On edit: whoops, didn't mean you're going "hmmm," but humankind in general.
The average Jane and Joe haven't a clue and do not want to. Even some "scientists."

The consequences of our ignorant consumption and huge global population are terrifying.
When trying to explain to an acquaintance, she said "well, if it's all that bad, it would be on the news." It is in print media that they won't read.

Just reading in the past few weeks that:
Third of North American Birds Slated
For Extinction Thanks To Humans.
North Atlantic right whales may face extinction after no new births recorded.
And goodbye polar bear and numerous other species, all thanks to human activity.

Join my decades long struggle.

Scientists have been warning us for a long time. It's just been kept out of M$M, for the most part.

K & R

We're ending most life on the planet via our normal human lifestyles. Our time is also coming.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming.

Watch, it'll be their excuse to cut "Entitlements"

That is the theives' goal.

They have hated and opposed any programs that have helped lower and medium income/middle class folks since the days of FDR.

Astute observation.

My mother has had this problem all of her life. My late grandmother told us, "you have to watch her." So, it seems to be a mental processing thing (low IQ) and just like Mr. I-am-very-smart-and-have-the-best-memory, she's very defensive and excessively ego-driven. And, of course, she's a Republican (and fundie Christian. My father dated her for only a few months before his service in WWII; they married shorty after his return from Europe, so I don't think he knew her well.)

Seems to prove that mental capacity somewhat dictates personality and political allegiance. Are some folks just hopeless?

🌞 Sun King 🌞 - Beatles

One of my favorites songs...I love the added crickets sound...

John Lennon wrote this song. He used to say that he dreamed 'Sun King,' but it's possible that he was also reading a book with that title by Nancy Mitford about the life of Louis XIV of France (The "Sun King" was a nickname given to King Louis XIV). He also was poking a bit of fun at George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun." At one point the title was "Here Comes the Sun King."

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